Business ATX down - DAX stagnates - Asia's stock markets...

ATX down – DAX stagnates – Asia’s stock markets ultimately lower | 05/12/20


Company / event05/12/203M Co. / Annual General Meeting05/12/208K Miles Software Services Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/208X8 / ​​quarterly figures05/12/20A&D Co Ltd / Quarterly figures05/12/20AT THE. Castle & Co Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20AAON Inc. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Aareal Bank AG / Quarterly figures05/12/20Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Company Bearer Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Abraxas Petroleum CorpShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Acacia Research CorpShs Acacia Technologies / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Accton Technology Corporation Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Acreage Holdings Inc Registered Shs Subordinate Voting05/12/20Adaptive Biotechnologies Corporation Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Addvantage Technologies Group IncShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Aditya Birla Capital Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Ador Multiproducts Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures05/12/20ADORES Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Adways Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Aeglea BioTherapeutics Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Aeroports de Paris ADP Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-10 Sh / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Aeroports de Paris ADPAct. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Aeroports de Paris ADPAct. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Agfa-Gevaert N.V. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Agfa-Gevaert NV Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / quarterly figures05/12/20AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT Real Estate Investment Trust / Quarterly figures05/12/20Aino Health AB Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Akme Star Housing Finance Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker Co. Bearer Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20ALBIS Leasing AG / Quarterly figures05/12/20Alcon AG / Quarterly figures05/12/20Alembic Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures05/12/20Alfresa Holdings Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Alfresa Holdings Corp Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-4 Sh / Quarterly Figures05/12/20All About Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Allegiant Travel Co. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Allergan PLC Cert Deposito Arg Repr 1-8 Sh / quarterly figures05/12/20Allied Minds PLC / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Allied Minds PLC / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Allot Communications LtdShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Altech Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20AlzChem Group AG holder act after capital reduction / quarterly figures05/12/20Anicom Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20ANRAKUTEI Co Ltd / Quarterly figures05/12/20Antibiotice S.A. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Aoyama Zaisan Networks Company Limited / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Apergy Corp Registered Shs When Issued05/12/20Arab Sea Information Systems Co.Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Argonaut Gold Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20artra corp / quarterly figures05/12/20Artson Engineering Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20ARUHI Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20AS ONE CORP / quarterly figures05/12/20Asahi Kasei Corp Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 2 Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Asahi Kasei Corp. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Asia Enterprises Holdings Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20ASKA Pharmaceutical Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20atect corp / quarterly figures05/12/20Atlas Mara Co Nvest Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20aTyr Pharma Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Aubex Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20AUCNET INC. / Quarterly figures05/12/20AURELIUS / Quarterly figures05/12/20AusNet Services Stapled Security / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory Ltd. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20AvalonBay Communities Inc. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Aviat Networks Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Ayala Land Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Ayala Land Inc Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 20 Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20AZIA CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Ballantyne Omaha IncShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Banca Ifis SPA / Quarterly figures05/12/20Banca Popolare di Sondrio S.c.a r.l. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Banco Patagonia SA (B) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Bando Chemical Industries Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Banimmo SA / Annual General Meeting05/12/20BANK OF KOCHI LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Bank Of Marin Bancorp / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Bank of the Ryukyus Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. (spons. GDR) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Banzai S.p.A / Quarterly figures05/12/20Bar Harbor Bankshares / General Meeting05/12/20Baylin Technologies Inc / Annual General Meeting05/12/20BBI Development S.A. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Bellatrix Exploration Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20BeMap Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Berner Kantonalbank (BEKB) AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Berner Kantonalbank (BEKB) AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20BFW Liegenschaften AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Bioceres Corp Solutions Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20BioCryst Pharmaceuticals / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Biofermin Pharmaceutical Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20BioNTech SE (spons. ADRs) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Bird Construction Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Bloom Energy Corp Registered Shs -A- / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Blumont Group Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Braskem S.A. (Pfd Shs -A-) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Braskem SAPfd Shs -A- Sponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 2 Pfd Shs -A- / quarterly figures05/12/20Bridgemarq Real Estate Services Inc Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Bridgemarq Real Estate Services Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Briox AB / Quarterly figures05/12/20Broadcasting System of Niigata Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20BSR Real Estate Investment Trust Registered Shs Reg S / Quarterly figures05/12/20C.P.ALL Public Co Ltd Foreign Registered / Quarterly Figures05/12/20C.P.ALL Public Co Ltd Non-voting Depository Receipts / Quarterly Figures05/12/20C.P.ALL Public Co Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 10 Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Calian Technologies Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Cambium Networks Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Capita Plc / General Meeting05/12/20Captii Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Cardiff Oncology Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Cardinal Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Carna Biosciences Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Castle Private Equity AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20CDG Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20CDS Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20CE Holdings Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Celsius Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20CENIT AG / Quarterly figures05/12/20Central Automotive Products Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Central Glass Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Centric Health Corp. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Centurion Corporation Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Century Enka Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures05/12/20Century Plyboards (India) Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures05/12/20Cerved Information Solutions S.p.A. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Cerved Information Solutions S.p.A. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 2 Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20CEWE Stiftung & Co. KGaA / Quarterly figures05/12/20CEZ a.s. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / quarterly figures05/12/20CEZ AS / quarterly figures05/12/20Chailease Holding Company Limited (spons. GDR) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Charles Schwab / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Charles Schwab / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Charles Schwab Corp Deposit Shs Repr 1-40th% Non-Cum Pfd Shs Series -D- / General Meeting05/12/20Charles Schwab Corp Deposit Shs Repr 1-40th 6% Non-Cum Pfd Shs Series -C / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Chesnara PLC / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Chesswood Group Ltd. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Chew’s Group Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20CHF Solutions Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly figures05/12/20Chicago Rivet & Machine Co / Annual General Meeting05/12/20CHIKARANOMOTO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20Chilled & Frozen Logistics Holdings Co., Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20China Bearing (Singapore) Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly figures05/12/20Chong Sing Holdings FinTech Group Limited Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Chuys Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Cinemark Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Citizens IncShs -A- / quarterly figures05/12/20Clean Commodities Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20CLIQ Digital AG / Quarterly figures05/12/20Columbia Property Trust Inc / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Comany Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Combine Will International Holdings Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Commander Resources Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20CommVault Systems IncShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20ConocoPhillips / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Contango Oil & Gas Company / Quarterly Figures05/12/20ContraFect Corp Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Copenhagen Capital A-S / Quarterly figures05/12/20Copenhagen Capital A-S Pref Registered Shs / Quarterly figures05/12/20CPI Aerostructures Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20credit agricole asset management group caam group / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Crescent Capital BDC Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20CRH Medical Corporation / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Cromwell European Real Estate Investment Trust Registered Units Reg S / Quarterly figures05/12/20CROSS CAT CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20CrossFirst Bankshares Inc Registered Shs / General Meeting05/12/20CSR LtdShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20CSS HOLDINGS LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20CTS Eventim / Annual General Meeting05/12/20CUBE SYSTEM INC / Quarterly figures05/12/20Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Cummins Inc. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Curis Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals Inc 6% Conv Pfd Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Dai Nippon Toryo Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Daidoh Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20DAIFUKU CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20DAIFUKU CO LTD Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 1-4Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20Daihen Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Daiichi Jitsugyo Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20DAIICHI KENSETSU CORP / Quarterly figures05/12/20Daiken Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20DAIKIN INDUSTRIES LTD Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 2 Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Daikin Industries Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Daily Journal CorpShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Daisui Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Daqo New Energy Corp (spons. ADRs) / Quarterly figures05/12/20DarioHealth Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Dassault Aviation S.A. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20DATA MODUL AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20DATA MODUL AG / Quarterly figures05/12/20De Longhi SPAAz. / Quarterly figures05/12/20DEA Capital (ex CDB Web Tech) / Quarterly figures05/12/20DealNet Capital Corp / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Dean Foods Co / Quarterly Figures05/12/20DEAR LIFE CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Denbury Resources Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Denki Kogyo Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Deutsche Bank Mexico SA Institucion de Banca Multiple Division Fiduciaria / Quarterly figures05/12/20Dexerials Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20DiGi.Com Bhd / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Digital Adventure Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Digital Media Professionals Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20DIJET INDUSTRIAL CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20DISTRIBUIDORA INTERNACIONAL DE ALIMENTACION shares / quarterly figures05/12/20DISTRIBUIDORA INTERNACIONAL DE ALIMENTACION Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 2 Shs / Quarterly figures05/12/20doBank S.p.A. Az nominativa / quarterly figures05/12/20Docebo Inc Registered Shs -144A- Reg S / Quarterly Figures05/12/20DOWA HOLDINGS CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Dreamvisor Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Dufry AG / Quarterly figures05/12/20Dundee Corporation (A) Subord.Voting / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Dundee Corporation Cum 1st Pref Shs Series -3- Fltg Rt / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Dundee Corporation Cum First Pref Shs Series -2 / Quarter Results05/12/20Dynatrace Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20EARTH CHEMICAL CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20East Capital Explorer AB / Annual General Meeting05/12/20East Capital Explorer AB / Quarterly Figures05/12/20EAT & CO Ltd / Quarterly figures05/12/20EC World Real Estate Investment Trust / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Eckert & Ziegler Strahl- und Medizintechnik AG / Quarterly figures05/12/20Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (MobiNil) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Eidos Therapeutics Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20ELECOM CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Electricity Generating Public Co LtdShs Foreign Registered / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Electricity Generating Public Co LtdUnits Non-Voting Depository Receipt / Quarterly figures05/12/20Electromed Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Empresa Nacional de Electricidad SA ENDESA (Chile) Shs Sponsored American Deposit.Receipts Repr.30 Sh / Quarterly figures05/12/20EnBW / Annual General Meeting05/12/20ENCHO CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Endeavor Silver Corp. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Enova International Inc / Annual General Meeting05/12/20ENSHU TRUCK CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Enstar Group Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Enstar Group Ltd 7% Non-Cum Red Perp Pfd Rg Series E / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Enstar Group Ltd Depositary Shs Repr 1-1000th 7% Non-Cum Red Perp Pfd Rg Series -E- / Quarterly figures05/12/20Enstar Group Ltd Non-Cum Red Perp Pfd Registered Shs Series D / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Entrust Inc. Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Envista Holdings Corporation Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Epiroc AB Registered Shs -A- / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Epiroc Aktiebolag Registered Shs -B- / Annual General Meeting05/12/20ESCRIT INC / Quarterly figures05/12/20Eton Pharmaceuticals Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Everi Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Exchange Income Corp. / Quarterly figures05/12/20eXp Realty International Corp / Annual General Meeting05/12/20FALCO SD HOLDINGS Co Ltd / Quarterly figures05/12/20FEED ONE CO. LTD. / Quarterly figures05/12/20FERMENTALG / Quarterly figures05/12/20Fidelity European Values ​​PLC / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Fidelity European Values ​​PLC / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Fiera Milano Spa / Quarterly figures05/12/20Fineland Real Estate Services Group Limited Registered Shs Reg S / Quarterly figures05/12/20Finjan Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20FinTech Global Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corp. / Quarterly figures05/12/20First National Financial Corp Cum Pfd Shs -A- Series -2- Fltg Rt / Quarterly figures05/12/20First National Financial Corp. / Quarterly figures05/12/20First National Financial Corp. Cum Pfd Shs -A- Series -1- / Quarterly figures05/12/20First Republic Bank / General Meeting05/12/20Fjord1 ASA Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Focusrite PLC / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Footway Group AB Pref. Shs / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Footway Group AB Registered Shs -B- / Annual General Meeting05/12/20FORLIFE Co., Ltd. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20Forrester Research Inc. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Fossil Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Frank’s International N.V. / Quarterly figures05/12/20FRIWO AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20F-TECH INC / Quarterly figures05/12/20Fuel Tech IncShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Fujairah Cement Industries Co / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Fuji Machine Mfg Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20FUJI OIL HOLDINGS INC. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Fujita Engineering Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Fujita Kanko Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Fukuda Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Fukuvi Chemical Industry Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Fushiki Kairiku Unso Co Ltd / Quarterly figures05/12/20Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries LTD / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Futaba Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Gamco Investors IncShs -A- / quarterly figures05/12/20Gamecard-Joyco Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Gamida Cell Ltd. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20Gateway Real Estate AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Gevo Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Gladstone Investment Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Gladstone Investment Corp 6 1-4% Cum Term Pfd Shs (D) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Gladstone Investment Corp Cum Red Term Pfd Registered Shs (E) / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Global Eagle Acquisition Corp. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Global Indemnity Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Quarterly figures05/12/20Global Media Online Inc. (GMO) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Global Ship Lease Inc Deposit Shs Repr 1-100th 8 3-4% Cum Red Perp Pfd Shs Series -B- / Quarterly figures05/12/20Global Ship Lease Inc Registered Shs -A- Quarterly Figures05/12/20GLORY LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20GLORY LTD Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / quarterly figures05/12/20GMO CLOUD KK / Quarterly figures05/12/20GMO internet Inc Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 2 Shs / Quarterly figures05/12/20Graphisoft Park SEShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Gray Communication Systems / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Greenbrook TMS Inc Registered Shs Reg S / Quarterly Figures05/12/20GS Yuasa Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20GS Yuasa Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20GSI Group Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20GTL Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20H. Lundbeck A-S / Quarterly figures05/12/20H. Lundbeck A-S (sponsored ADRs) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Hakuten CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Hallmark Financial Services IncShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / quarterly figures05/12/20Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company Registered Shs -A- When Issued05/12/20HANKYU DEPARTMENT STORES INCShs / Quarterly figures05/12/20Hansol Technics Co Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20HANWHA TECHWIN CO.LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Havells India Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20HAWESKO Holding AG / Quarterly figures05/12/20Health Catalyst Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Health Insurance Innovations Inc Registered Shs -A- / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Hearts United Group Co., Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Heiwa Corp. / Quarterly figures05/12/20HHLA AG (Port of Hamburg and Logistics) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Hibiya Engineering Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20High Liner Foods Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Hikari Business Form Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Hindustan Hardy Spicer Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly Figures05/12/20HIP CORP / quarterly figures05/12/20HIRAGA CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Hiroshima Bank Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20HOCHTIEF AG / Quarterly figures05/12/20HOKKAN HOLDINGS LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Hokuhoku Financial Group Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20HOLON CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Home24 / Quarterly figures05/12/20HONDA MOTOR CO LTD ADR Cert Deposito Arg Repr 1 ADR / Quarterly figures05/12/20Honda Motor Co. Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Honda Motor Co. Ltd. (Spons. ADRS) / Quarterly figures05/12/20HOSOYA PYRO-ENGINEERING CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Houlihan Lokey Inc (A) / Quarterly figures05/12/20HOUSE DO Co., Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20House Foods Group Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Huami Corporation (A) (spons. ADRs) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Hydra Industries Acquisition Corp Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Hyoki Kaiun Kaisha Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Hyundai HCN Co Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20IBJ Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Ichikoh Industries Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Ichor Holdings Ltd Registered Shs / General Meeting05/12/20ICL-Israel Chemicals Ltd. (Reg. Shares) / Quarterly figures05/12/20IFS Capital Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Ihara Science Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20IHI Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20IHI Corp Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 4 Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20Impel SA / Quarterly figures05/12/20Imperial Hotel Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Impress Holdings IncShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Indeks Bilgisayar Sistemelri Muhendislik Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Indorama Ventures Public Company Ltd Foreign Registered / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Indorama Ventures Public Company Ltd Non-Voting Depository Receipt / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Indorama Ventures Public Company Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 10 Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Infinera CorpShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Information Planning CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Ingersoll Rand Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Innergex Renewable Energy Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Innergex Renewable Energy Inc / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Innergex Renewable Energy Inc 5.75% Cum Red Pfd Shs (C) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Innergex Renewable Energy Inc 5.75% Cum Red Pfd Shs (C) / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. Cum Pfd shs (A) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. Cum Pfd shs (A) / Annual General Meeting05/12/20innogy SE / quarterly figures05/12/20innogy SE holder act I shares / quarterly figures submitted for sale05/12/20innogy SE Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / quarterly figures05/12/20INPEX CORP Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / quarterly figures05/12/20Inpex Holdings Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Insmed Inc. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Integra Capital Management Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures05/12/20Interconexion Electrica S.A. ESP (sponsored ADRs) / quarterly figures05/12/20Interconexion Electrica SA ESP / Quarterly figures05/12/20Intercorp Financial Services Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20interspace co ltd / quarterly figures05/12/20INTRANCE CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20INVL Baltic Farmland AB / Quarterly figures05/12/20Ipsidy Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Irish S.p.A. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Irish Continental Group PLC Cons.of 1 Sh (CH24411198) and up to 10 Red Shs (Nil Issued) / Annual General Meeting05/12/20I’rom Holdings Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Ishikawa Seisakusho Ltd / Quarterly figures05/12/20IsoRay IncShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20IT Holdings Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Italgas S.p.A. Nominative Az. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20J Trust Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20JAPAN CASH MACHINE CO LTDShs / Quarterly figures05/12/20JAPAN ELECTRONIC MATERIALS CORP / Quarterly figures05/12/20JAPAN FOODS CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20JBCC Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20JCR Pharmaceuticals Co LtdShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20JFE Holdings Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20J-LEASE CO. LTD. / Quarterly figures05/12/20JTOWER Inc. Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20K + S AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Kabe Husvagnar AB (B) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Kadant Inc. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Kaga Electronics Co LTD / Quarterly Figures05/12/ Inc Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt / Quarterly Figures05/12/ IncShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Kanematsu Engineering Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Kangwon Land Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Kansai Electric Power Co Inc Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20Kansai Mirai Financial Group, Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20KAWADA TECHNOLOGIES INC / Quarterly figures05/12/20KAWAMOTO CORP / Quarterly figures05/12/20Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd (sponsored ADRs) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20KCC Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20KCE Electronics Public Co Ltd Registered Shs Foreign / Quarterly Figures05/12/20KCE Electronics Public Co LtdUnits Non-Voting Depository Receipt / Quarterly figures05/12/20Keikyu Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Keiyo Bank Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Keyera Corp. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Kezar Life Sciences Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20KHD Humboldt Wedag International AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20KHD Humboldt Wedag International AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Kikkoman Corp. / Quarterly figures05/12/20KIKUKAWA ENTERPRISE INC / Quarterly figures05/12/20Kimly Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20KION GROUP AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20KION GROUP AG / Annual General Meeting05/12/20KION GROUP AG Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-4th Sh / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Kirin Holdings Co Ltd (spons. ADRs) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Kirin Holdings Co. Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Kissei Pharmaceutical Co LtdShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20KLab Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20KOA SHOJI HOLDINGS CO. LTD. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20Koh Brothers Group Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20KOKEN BORING MACHINE CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20KOMAIHALTEC Inc / Quarterly figures05/12/20Komehyo Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20K-TOP REITS CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Kubota Corp (formerly Kubota Ltd) Shs American Deposit.Receipt Repr. 5 Shs / quarterly figures05/12/20Kubota Corp. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Kumho HT, Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Kurabo Industries Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20KYCOM HOLDINGS CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20KYOEI STEEL LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20KYOEI TANKER CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Kyokuyo Co LtdShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20KYORIN Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20LAC Co., Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20LafargeHolcim Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-5 Sh / Annual General Meeting05/12/20LafargeHolcim Ltd. (I) / Annual General Meeting05/12/20LafargeHolcim Ltd. (I) / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Land Securities Group / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Land Securities Group PLC R.E.I.T Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Quarterly figures05/12/20Largo Resources Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Lazurde Company for Jewelry Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20LCD Global Investments Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Li & Fung Ltd. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Live Oak Bancshares Inc / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Loews Corp. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20logly, Inc. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20Loto Interactive Limited Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Macerich Co. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Majesco / quarterly figures05/12/20Malaysia Smelting Corp Bhd / Quarterly figures05/12/20Manhattan Resources LtdShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Mannatech Incorporated / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Maral Overseas Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures05/12/20Marvelous AQL Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Mayville Engineering Company Inc Registered Shs / General Meeting05/12/20MCAN Mortgage Corporation / Quarterly Figures05/12/20McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Mediaset S.p.A. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Mediaset SPA (sponsored ADRs) / quarterly figures05/12/20Medicure Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20MEDIUS HOLDINGS Co Ltd / Quarterly figures05/12/20Meisei Electric Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Meitec CorpShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems N.V. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Menon Bearings Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20MFA Financial Inc 7 1-2% Cum Red Pfd Shs (B) / Quarterly figures05/12/20MFA Financial Inc Cum Conv Red Perp Pfd Registered Shs (C) / Quarterly figures05/12/20MFA Mortgage Investments Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20MG HOME CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Mie Kotsu Group Holdings, Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Mikuni Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Milbon Co LtdShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Minato Electronics Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20MINKABU THE INFONOID, Inc. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20Mirriad Advertising PLC Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co IncShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 10 Shs / Quarterly figures05/12/20Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Mitsui Fudosan Co Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 3 Shs / Quarterly figures05/12/20Mitsui Fudosan Co. Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20MJardin Group Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20MODEC INC / Quarterly figures05/12/20MODEC INC (spons. ADRs) / Quarterly figures05/12/20MSA Safety Inc / Annual General Meeting05/12/20MSA Safety Inc 4 £ 1-2 / General Meeting05/12/20MTech Acquisition Corp Registered Shs -A- / Quarterly figures05/12/20MusclePharm Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20MyoKardia Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nagahori Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20NAGANO KEIKI CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Nagoya Railroad Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nanometrics Inc Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Narasaki Sangyo Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nass Corporation BSC / Quarterly Figures05/12/20National Bankshares Inc VirginiaShs / General Meeting05/12/20National Gas & Industrialization Company Bearer Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20National Industries Group Holding / Quarterly Figures05/12/20National Metal Manufacturing & Casting Company Bearer Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20National Retail Properties Inc Deposit Shs Repr 1-100th 5.20% Cum Red Pfd Registered Shs Series -F- / General Meeting05/12/20National Retail Properties IncShs / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20NCI Building Systems Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20NCsoft Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Neonode Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20NEOWIZ GAMES Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nestle India Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Net Marketing Co. Ltd. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Newell Brands Inc / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Nexi Capital / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nichi-iko Pharmaceutical Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20NICHIREI CORP / Quarterly results05/12/20NICHIREI CORP Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 2 Shs / Quarterly Numbers05/12/20Nicox SA provides regroupement / quarterly figures05/12/20Nielsen Holdings PLC / Annual General Meeting05/12/20NIHON DENKEI CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20NIHON TRIM CO LTDShs / quarterly figures05/12/20Ningbo Yidong Electronic Co Ltd (H) / Quarterly figures05/12/20Nippan Rental Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nippon Carbide Industries Co IncShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nippon Chemiphar Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nippon Crucible Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20NIPPON KINZOKU CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20Nippon Pillar Packing Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nippon Signal Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nishi-Nippon Financial Holdings, Inc. / Quarterly Figures05/12/20NISSHIN FUDOSAN Co LtdShs / Quarterly figures05/12/20Nisshin OilliO Group Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nissin Electric Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20NISSIN SHOJI CO LTD / Quarterly figures05/12/20NISSO CORP Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nissui Pharmaceutical Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Nitto Kohki Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20NKK SWITCHES CO.LTD. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Nojima Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20NORITAKE CO LTDShs / quarterly figures05/12/20North Pacific Bank Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Novus Therapeutics Inc Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting05/12/20NRJ Group S.A. / Quarterly figures05/12/20Oberbank / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Oberbank AG Vz. / Annual General Meeting05/12/20OHB SE / Quarterly figures05/12/20O-I Glass Inc Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Okamoto Industries Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20OKK CORP / quarterly figures05/12/20On The Beach Group PLC / Quarterly Figures05/12/20OncoCyte Corp When Issued / Quarterly Figures05/12/20One Liberty Properties IncShs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Ono Pharmaceutical / Quarterly Figures05/12/20ONO PHARMACEUTICAL CO LTD Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Quarterly figures05/12/20OOTOYA Holdings Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc / Quarterly Figures05/12/20OptiNose Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Optiva Inc Registered Shs Subord Vtg / Annual General Meeting05/12/20Organo Corp / Quarterly Figures05/12/20Origin Agritech Ltd Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Origin Electric Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Osaki Electric Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd When Issued / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Otani Kogyo Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20OUG Holdings Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Overseas Education Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Ovid Therapeutics Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20P&F Industries IncShs -A- / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Pacific Ethanol Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Pacific Metals Co LtdShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20PacWest Bancorp / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Palatin Technologies Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Palm Hills Development Company / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Palm Hills Development Company (spons. GDR) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Palm Hills Development Company (spons. GDR) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Palma Co.,Ltd. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Paltac Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Paper Products Ltd Dematerialised / Quartalszahlen05/12/20paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Park Lawn Corp. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20PARKER CORP / Quartalszahlen05/12/20PEC Ltd. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Penguin International Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Penn Virginia Corp Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Perennial Real Estate Holdings Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Performant Financial Corp. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Pick’N Pay Stores Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1/5th Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Pick’N Pay Stores LtdShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20PIOLAX INC / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Placo Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20PLATZ Co.,Ltd. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Play Communications S.A. Bearer Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Porsche Automobil Holding SE Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-10 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Porsche SE Vz / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Poste Italiane SPA / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Potbelly Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20PowerCell Sweden AB / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Precision Containeurs Ltd Dematerialised / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Premier Oil Plc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20PRESS KOGYO CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Prestige International Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Princess Private Equity Holding Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Prism Cement Ltd Dematerialised / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Progyny Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Projektengagemang Sweden AB Registered Shs -B- / Quartalszahlen05/12/20ProPetro Holding Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Prospect Capital Corp. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Prudential Financial Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Prudential Financial Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Prysmian S.p.A. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Prysmian S.p.A.Az. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20PTC India Financial Services Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Puxin Ltd (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20QEP Resources Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Qualstar Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Quick Heal Technologies Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Quintana Energy Services Inc Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20R&D COMPUTER CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Radcom Ltd. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Ramaco Resources Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Reading International Inc (A) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Reading International Inc (B) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20REC Silicon ASA / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Reckitt Benckiser Plc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Renewable Energy Group Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Resona Holdings Inc. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Rexnord Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Rexnord Corp 5.75% Conv Cum Pfd Registered Shares 2016-15.11.2019 Series -A- / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Rexnord Corp Deposit Shs 2016-15.11.2019 Repr 1-20th Conv Cum Pfd Shs Series -A- / Quartalszahlen05/12/20RhoVac AB / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Riken Keiki Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Rinko Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Ripasso Energy AB / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Riverstone Holdings Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20RLJ Lodging Trust Shs of Benef Interest / Quartalszahlen05/12/20RLJ Lodging Trust USD 1.95 Cum Conv Pfd Registered Shs (A) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Rock Paint Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Rohto Pharmaceutical Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Roxgold Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Rush Enterprises IncShs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Rush Enterprises IncShs -B- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Ryomo Systems Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20S T I India Ltd Dematerialised / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sabaf Technology and Safety / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sabina Gold & Silver / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sacyr Vallehermoso S.A. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sado Steam Ship Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sakai Trading Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sangetsu Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SANKO TECHNO CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sanrin Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SANTEC CORP / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sanyo Industries Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sanyo Trading Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sanyu Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SATO RESTAURANT SYSTEMS CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Saudi Ceramic Co Bearer Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Savaria Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Scandi Standard AB / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SciBase Holding AB / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SCREEN Holdings Co.,Ltd. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SECOM CO LTD Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-4 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Secom Co Ltd. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Seef Properties B.S.C. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Seikitokyu Kogyo Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SEIKO HOLDINGS CORP / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SEIKOH GIKEN Co LtdShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SEIWA CHUO HOLDINGS CORP / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Self Storage Group ASA Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Semafo IncShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sequent Scientific Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SEVEN SEAS HOLDINGS CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Shibusawa Warehouse Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Shiga Bank Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Shindengen Electric Mfg Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Shinkawa Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SHIP HEALTHCARE HOLDINGS INC / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Shiseido Co Ltd (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Shiseido Co. Ltd. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20ShockWave Medical Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Showa Paxxs Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SIIX CORP / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Simon Property Group Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20SINANEN HOLDINGS CO.LTD. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Singulus Technologies AG / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Singulus Technologies AG (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sino Splendid Holdings Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sintokogio Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sinwa Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sirius International Insurance Group Ltd Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sixt Leasing SE / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sixt Leasing SE Inhaber-Akt Zum Verkauf eingereichte I-Aktien / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SNC Former Public Co Ltd Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Soda Nikka Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sodick Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES CO LTD Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Solvay S.A. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Sorrento Therapeutics Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sotherly Hotels Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sotherly Hotels Inc 7.875 % Cum Conv Perp Red Pfd Registered Shs (C) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sotherly Hotels Inc 8% Cum Red Pfd (B) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sotherly Hotels Inc 8.25 % Cum Conv Perp Red Pfd Registered Shs (D) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Southern First Bancshares IncShs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Space4 S.p.A. Az nominativa / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sparekassen Sjaelland / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sportsfield Co.,Ltd. Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SPX FLOW Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SRA Holdings Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SRG TAKAMIYA CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Standard Life Aberdeen PLC Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Standard Life Aberdeen PLC Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Standard Life Aberdeen PLC Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 4 Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Starbreeze AB (A) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Starbreeze AB (B) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20STARTS CORP INC / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Starzen Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20StenoCare / Quartalszahlen05/12/20StoneCo Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Stornoway Diamond Corp. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Storytel AB (B) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Straco Corporation Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Strata Skin Sciences Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Stroeer SE & Co. KGaA Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 1-4 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Ströer SE & Co. KGaA / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Suez Environnement Company / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Sumitomo Warehouse Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Summit Industrial Income REIT Trust Units / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Supalai Public Co LtdUnits Non-Voting Depository Receipt / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Superior Gold Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Superior Uniform Group Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20SUZUDEN CORP / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SymBio Pharmaceuticals Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SymBio Pharmaceuticals Ltd Unsponsored American Depositary Receipts Reps Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Syngene International Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sypris Solutions Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20SYSMEX CORP / Quartalszahlen05/12/20SYSMEX CORP Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Systena Corporation / Quartalszahlen05/12/20T. Rowe Price Group Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20TAIKO PHARMACEUTICAL CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TAISEI ONCHO CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TAIYO NIPPON SANSO CORP / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TAIYO YUDEN CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TAIYO YUDEN CO LTD Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 4 Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Takizawa Ham Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Takween Advanced Industries Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tallinna Sadam AS Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Talos Energy Inc Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TANAKA CHEMICAL CORP / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Taokaenoi Food & Marketing Public Company Ltd Non-Voting Depository Receipts / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Taokaenoi Food & Marketing Public Company Ltd Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Target Hospitality Corp Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tatsumi Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tayca Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TB GROUP INC / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TDC Software Engineering Inc. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Team Inc. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Team Tankers International Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TeamViewer / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TeamViewer AG Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 2 Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Techno Ryowa Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20technotrans SE / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TEIKOKU SEN-I Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Teikoku Tsushin Kogyo Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TELA Bio Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tellza Communications Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/ Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tenneco Automotive Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Tenox Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TESEC CorpShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TESSCO Technologies Inc. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tessenderlo Chemie S.A. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20TG Therapeutics Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TGS-Nopec Geophysical Company ASAShs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20The Hershey Co / Hauptversammlung05/12/20The Hyakugo Bank Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20The Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20thyssenkrupp AG / Quartalszahlen05/12/20ThyssenKrupp AG (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Titanium Transportation Group Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TLG IMMOBILIEN AG / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TOAMI CORP / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Toba Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tobii AB / Hauptversammlung05/12/20TOC Co LtdShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tochigi Bank Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tokai Rubber Industries Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tokyo Automatic Machinery Works Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TOKYO KEIKI INC / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TOMATO BANK LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TOSOH CORP Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 4 Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tosoh Corp. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Totoku Electric Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Tourism Enterprises Company Bearer Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Townsquare Media Inc (A) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TOYO DRILUBE CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Toyo Gosei Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TOYO TANSO CO LTDShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Toyo Tec Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Toyo Tire & Rubber Co Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Toyo Tire & Rubber Co LtdShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TRANS GENIC INC / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TransAlta Corp Cum First Pfd Shs (B) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Transalta Corp Cum First Pfd Shs (C) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Transalta Corp Cum Red First Pfd Shs (E) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TransAlta Corp Cum Red Pfd Shs (G) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TransAlta Corp. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Transalta Corp. Cum First Pfd Shs (A) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TransAlta Renewables Inc. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TransUnion / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Treatt PLC / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Trencor LtdShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Trend Micro Inc. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Trend Micro IncShs American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TriMas Corp / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Tufin Software Technologies Ltd. Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Turning Point Therapeutics Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20TXT e-solutions SPAAz. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20UCHIYAMA HOLDINGS Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Union Tool Co / Quartalszahlen05/12/20United Plantations Bhd / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Urologix Inc. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Usa Technologies Inc 1 1-2 UDS Cum.Conv.Red.Pfd Shs (A) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Usa Technologies IncShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20USHIO INCShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20USS Co LtdShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20V Technology Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Valeura Energy Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Varex Imaging Corp Registered Shs When Issued / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Vectrus Inc When Issued / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Vestel Beyaz Esa Ticaret Sanayi AS / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Vir Biotechnology Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20VirTra Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Vishay Intertechnology Inc. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20VISION INC. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20VITAL KSK HOLDINGS INC / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Vodafone Group PLC / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Vodafone Group PLC (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Vodafone Group PLC ADR Cert. Deposito Arg. Repr. 1-10 Vodafone Group PLC -Adrs- / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Voltabox / Quartalszahlen05/12/20W.R. Grace / Hauptversammlung05/12/20WASEDA ACADEMY CO LTD / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Waste Management Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Waters Corp. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Wayfair Inc (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20WCM AG (WCM Beteiligungs- und Grundbesitz AG) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Werner Enterprises Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Westag & Getalit AG (St.) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Westag & Getalit AG (Vz.) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Where Food Comes From Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20WILL GROUP INC. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20World Class Global Limited Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20XCel Brands Inc. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20XP Incorporation Registered Shs -A- / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Yamami Co / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Yanbu Cement Co Bearer Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Yashraj Containeurs Ltd Dematerialised / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Yodogawa Steel Works LtdShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Yokogawa Electric Corp. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Yomeishu Seizo Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Yonkyu Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Youji Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Yuasa Trading Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Zafgen Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Zagg Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Zespol Elektrocieplowni Wroclawskich KOGENERACJA S.A. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Zett Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Logitech S.A. / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Dashang Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Logitech S.A. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sino-Platinum Metals Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Yunnan Yuntian Hua Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Green Brick Partners Inc / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc. / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Preferred Apartment Communities Inc / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Farmer Mac / Pressekonferenz05/12/20American Financial Group Inc. / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Bank of Xi’an Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Harbin Xinguang Optic-Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Telix Pharmaceuticals Ltd Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Guangxi Nanning Waterworks Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Swire Properties Ltd / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Li & Fung Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Li & Fung Ltd. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Xinjiang Bai Hua Cun Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Toyota Motor Corp. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Toyota Motor Corp. (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Ltd / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Ltd Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 15 / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Norway Royal Salmon ASA / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Norway Royal Salmon ASA Registered Shs Unsponsored American Depositary Share Repr 1-2 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Allianz / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Allianz SE Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 1-10 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Deutsche Post AG / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Deutsche Post AG (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Next Biometrics Group ASA / Quartalszahlen05/12/20REC Silicon ASA / Quartalszahlen05/12/20REC Silicon ASA Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Alstom S.A. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Alstom SA Emission 2020 / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Alstom SA Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-10th Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20AEGON N.V. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Aegon N.V. (ADRs) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Aegon NV Cert. Deposito Arg. Repr. 1 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20CGG / Quartalszahlen05/12/20CGG (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen05/12/20CGG Emission 2020 / Quartalszahlen05/12/20China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co Ltd (H) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co Ltd (H) Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 4 Shs -H- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Chongqing Brewery Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Deluxe Family Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20E.ON SE / Quartalszahlen05/12/20E.ON sp. ADRs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Ningbo Gaofa Automotive Control System Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Olympic Circuit Technology Co Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Opus Group AB / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Amadeus IT Holding S.A. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Amadeus IT Holding SA / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Anji Microelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Beijing Bayi Space LCD Technology Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Beijing Piesat Information Technology Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20China Auto Rental Inc Unitary 144A-Reg S / Hauptversammlung05/12/20China Meheco Company Ltd / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Chongqing Gangjiu Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Gem-Year Industrial Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Hangcha Group Co Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20HangZhou Nbond Nonwovens Co Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Inner Mongolia Junzheng Energy & Chemical Industry Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Jiangsu Dongzhu Landscape Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Jinhua Chunguang Technology Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Kama Co Ltd (B) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Kuaijishan Shaoxing Rice Wine Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Moberg Pharma AB Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Nanjing Huamai Technology Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20NEC Corp Cert Deposito Arg Repr 3 Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20NEC Corp. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Ningbo Powerway Alloy Material Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Numis Corporation PLCShs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Paradox Interactive AB / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Sanjiang Shopping Club Co Ltd / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Sunyard System Engineering Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Suzhou Chunqiu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Tongwei Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Yantai Eddie Precision Machinery Co Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Yijiahe Technology Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Zhejiang Ausun Pharmaceutical Co Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Zhejiang Chenfeng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Zhejiang Guyue Longshan Shaoxing Wine Company Limited (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Anji Foodstuff Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Guangdong Marubi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Guangzhou Holike Creative Home Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Henan Huanghe Xuanfeng Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Joinn Laboratories (China) Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Nanjing Well Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Raytron Technology Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Thinkingdom Media Group Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20ASM Pacific Technology Ltd / Hauptversammlung05/12/20ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 3 Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20AubayAct. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Beijing Dalong Weiye Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Henan Zhongfu Industrial Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Mind CTI Ltd. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Sun International LtdShs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20DATA MODUL AG / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Langham Hospitality Investments and Langham Hospitality Investments Ltd Stapled security / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Next Biometrics Group ASA / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Qliro Group AB / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Unibet Group Plc Swedish Depository Receipts / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Caleffi S.p.A. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Solvay S.A. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Solvay SA (spons. ADRs) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20credit agricole asset management group caam group / Hauptversammlung05/12/20X5 Retail Group N.V.Shs Sponsored Global Deposit Receipt Repr Shs Reg-S / Hauptversammlung05/12/20GLI Finance Ltd Accum.Red.Pref.Shs 2014-5.12.2019 Zero Dividend Preference Class GBP / Hauptversammlung05/12/20GLI Finance Ltd GBP / Hauptversammlung05/12/20M Winkworth PLC / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Sun Art Retail Group Ltd / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Sun Art Retail Group Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 10 Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Premier Oil Plc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Premier Oil PLC (spons. ADRs) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20REC Silicon ASA / Hauptversammlung05/12/20REC Silicon ASA Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Hauptversammlung05/12/20BioXcel Therapeutics Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Duke Energy Corp / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Duke Energy Corp Depositary Shs Repr 1-1000th 5.75%Cum Red Perp Pfd Registered Sh Series -A- / Quartalszahlen05/12/20F-Secure OYJ / Hauptversammlung05/12/20InspireMD Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Macfarlane Group PLC / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust Registered Shs of Benef Interest / Pressekonferenz05/12/20AvalonBay Communities Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20BFW Liegenschaften AG / Hauptversammlung05/12/20CubeSmart / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Forward Air Corp. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20IWG PLC Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Kabe Husvagnar AB (B) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Popular Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Popular Inc. 6 3/8% Non-Cum. Monthly Income Pfd Shs 2003 Series -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Produits Chimiques Auxiliaires Synthese SA PCAS / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Sotkamo Silver AB / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Sotkamo Silver AB Registered Shs Issue 2020-1 / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Sykes Enterprises Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20A2A S.p.A. / Quartalszahlen05/12/20A2A S.p.A. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 5 Shs / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Fluxys Belgium S.A. (D) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Simon Property Group Inc 8 3-8 % Cum Red Pfd Shs (J) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Simon Property Group Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Suez Environnement Company / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Suez Environnement Company Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Suez SA Emission 2020 / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Aeroports de Paris ADP Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-10 Sh / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Aeroports de Paris ADPAct. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Chart Industries Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Community Health Systems IncShs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Dassault Aviation S.A. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20DDR Corp Depositary Shs Repr 1-20th 6.25 % Cum Conv Red Pfd Shs -K- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20DDR Corp Depositary Shs Repr 1-20th 6.375 % Cum Conv Red Pfd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20DDR Corp Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Duni AB / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Duni AB Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 2 Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Forum Energy Technologies Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Nielsen Holdings PLC / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Recipharm AB (B) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Resolute Forest Products Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Sensys Gatso Group AB / Hauptversammlung05/12/20The Hanover Insurance Group Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Vostok New Ventures Ltd Swedish Depository Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Waters Corp. / Hauptversammlung05/12/203M Co Cert.Deposito Arg.Repr. 0.2 Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/203M Co. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Farmer Mac / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp 5 7-8 % Non Cum Pfd Shs (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp Pfd Registered Shs (D) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp Pfd Shs (C) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Federal Agricultural Mortgage CorpShs -A- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20First Republic Bank / Hauptversammlung05/12/20First Republic Bank Deposit Shs Repr 1-40th 5 1-2 % Non-Cum Perp Pfd Shs Series -G- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20First Republic Bank Deposit Shs Repr 1-40th 5.70 % Non-Cum Perp Pfd Shs Series -F- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20First Republic Bank Deposit Shs Repr 1-40th Non Cum Perp Pfd Shs Series -H- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20First Republic Bank Deposit Shs Repr 1-40th Red Perp Pfd Shs Series -I- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20First Republic Bank Depositary Shs Repr 1-40th Non-Cum Red Perp Pfd Shs Series -J- / Hauptversammlung05/12/20First Republic Bank Non Cum Perp Registered Pfd Shs (H) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20B&G Foods Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Capstead Mortgage Corp 7 1-2 % Cum Red Pfd Shs (E) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Capstead Mortgage CorpShs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20CBOE Holdings Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20ConocoPhillips / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Home Bancorp Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Lands’ End Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20NexPoint Residential Trust Inc When Issued / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Novabase SGPSReg.Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Oil States International Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20QEP Resources Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc (spons. ADRs) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Reckitt Benckiser Plc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20StarTek Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20The Hershey Co / Hauptversammlung05/12/20The Hershey Co Cert Deposito Arg Repr 0.3333 Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Wabash National Corp. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Western New England Bancorp Inc Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Coeur Mining / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Coeur Mining Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20High Liner Foods Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Tyler Technologies Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Ciner Resources LP Partnership Units / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Callaway Golf Co. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20CIT Group Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20CIT Group Inc 5.625 % Non-Cum Red Perp Registered Pfd Shs (B) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Cummins Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20DineEquity Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Evofem Biosciences Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Healthcare Realty Trust Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20IntelGenx Technologies Corp / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Lawson Products Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Loews Corp. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20PNM Resources IncShs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20TGS-Nopec Geophysical Company ASA (spons. ADRs) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20TGS-Nopec Geophysical Company ASAShs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Tva Group Inc (B) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Allete Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Altius Minerals Corporation Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Highwoods Properties IncShs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Quidel Corp. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Inc Registered Shs When Issued / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Akita Drilling Ltd (A) Non-Voting / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Akita Drilling Ltd (B) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Goodrich Petroleum Corp Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20MDU Resources Group Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Mirati Therapeutics Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Realty Income Corp. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20CanAf Group Inc Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Endeavour Silver Corp. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20O-I Glass Inc Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20T. Rowe Price Group Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20TMX Group Ltd / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Alerus Financial Corp / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Bird Construction Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Kadant Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20LKQ Corp. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Achieve Life Sciences Inc Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Overstock.Com Inc 1% Cum Red Pfd Registered Shs (B) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Overstock.Com Inc Cum Conv Red Pfd Registered Shs Digital Voting Series -A-1- / Hauptversammlung05/12/ Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Waste Management Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Cabot Corp. / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Chaparral Energy Inc (New) Registered Shs -A- / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Staffing 360 Solutions Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Masco Corp. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Ferro Corp. / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Quaker Chemical CorpShs / Pressekonferenz05/12/20National Storage Affiliates Trust Shs of Benef Interest / Pressekonferenz05/12/20TPG RE Finance Trust Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Auburn National BancorpShs / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Element Financial Corp / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Element Financial Corp Cum Conv Red Pfd Shs (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Element Financial Corp Cum Pfd Shs (C) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Element Financial Corp Cum Pref Shs (E) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Element Financial Corp Cum Red Pfd Shs (G) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Element Fleet Management Corp Cum Red Pref Registered Shs (I) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Essex Property Trust / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Innergex Renewable Energy Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Innergex Renewable Energy Inc 5.75 % Cum Red Pfd Shs (C) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. Cum Pfd shs (A) / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Keyera Corp. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20United Bankshares Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Advanced Emissions Solutions Inc / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Ameren Corp. / Pressekonferenz05/12/20AMBAC (AMBAC Financial Group) Inc / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Diamondrock Hospitality CoShs / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Eastman Kodak Co / Quartalszahlen05/12/20Brighthouse Financial Inc Registered Shs When Issued / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Ecopetrol SA (spons. ADRs) / Pressekonferenz05/12/20MCAN Mortgage Corporation / Hauptversammlung05/12/20PacWest Bancorp / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Foundation Building Materials Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz05/12/20GP Strategies Corp / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Goldman Sachs BDC / Pressekonferenz05/12/20GreenSky Inc Registered Shs -A- / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Five Oaks Investment Corp Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz05/12/20The Howard Hughes Corp / Pressekonferenz05/12/20International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Black Diamond Group Ltd / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Cathedral Energy Services Ltd / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Gamehost Inc. / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Surge Energy Inc / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Investors Real Estate Trust Registered Shs of Benef Interest / Pressekonferenz05/12/20MBIA Inc. / Pressekonferenz05/12/20National Health Investors IncShs / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Houlihan Lokey Inc (A) / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Good Times Restaurants Inc. / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Global Ship Lease Inc Registered Shs -A- / Pressekonferenz05/12/20PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd. / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Gevo Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Electromed Inc. / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Playa Hotels & Resorts N.V. Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Duke Energy Corp / Pressekonferenz05/12/20CHF Solutions Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Pennantpark Investment Corp / Pressekonferenz05/12/20Imricor Medical Systems Inc Chess Depository Interests Repr 1 Sh / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Osprey Medical Inc Chess Depository Interests repr 0.5 Sh / Hauptversammlung05/12/20Toyota Motor Corp. (spons. ADRs) / Pressekonferenz



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The grueling life of a woman allergic to water: to take pain medicine before bathing

Although it is hard to believe, suffers every time you need to take a shower. Also, if the surprise...

The grueling life of a woman allergic to water: to take pain medicine before bathing

Although it is hard to believe, suffers every time you need to take a shower. Also, if the surprise...

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