Business ATX turns negative - DAX in plus - Asia...

ATX turns negative – DAX in plus – Asia ‘s stock markets in green | 11.05.20


Company / event11.05.2010x Genomics Inc Registered Shs -A- quarterly figures11.05.20a dot co., ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly figures11.05.20Aalborg Boldspilklub A-S Registered Shs / Quarterly figures11.05.20ABLE C&C / Quarterly figures11.05.20Accel Entertainment Inc Registered Shs -A-1 / Quarterly Figures11.05.20AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Achilles Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Adams Resources & Energy Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20ADF Foods Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Aditya Consumer Marketing Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Ador Fontech Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Ad-Sol Nissin Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Advanced Emissions Solutions Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20AEterna Zentaris / Quarterly figures11.05.20AGP CORP / quarterly figures11.05.20AGROB AG / Annual General Meeting11.05.20AGROB Immobilien AG Vz. Without voting rights / Annual General Meeting11.05.20AgroFresh Solutions Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20AGRO-KANESHO CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Aichi Tokei Denki Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20AIFUL CORP Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / quarterly figures11.05.20Aiful Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Aigan Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Al Yamamah Steel Industries Co. Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Alector Inc Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Alibaba / quarterly figures11.05.20Alibaba Group Holding Ltd ADS Cert Deposito Arg Repr 1-9 ADS / quarterly figures11.05.20Alico Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Alkali Metals Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20ALPHA SYSTEMS INCShs / Quarterly figures11.05.20Alphaform AG / Quarterly figures11.05.20Alphatec Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Altius Minerals Corporation Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20AMAG Pharmaceuticals IncShs / Quarterly figures11.05.20Amatei Inc / quarterly figures11.05.20Amazia, inc. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20AMBAC (AMBAC Financial Group) Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (A) / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ameren Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20American Financial Group Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20American Public Education Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20American Renal Associates Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20American Shared Hospital ServicesShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Americas Petrogas Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc Registered Shs -A- Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ampliphi Biosciences Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20AmRest Holdings SE Bearer Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Anglo Pacific Group plc / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Anglo Pacific Group plc / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Anshin Guarantor Service Co., Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20A-ONE SEIMITSU INC / Quarterly figures11.05.20ARATA CORP / quarterly figures11.05.20Arlo Technologies Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Artson Engineering Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 3 Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20ASAHI Net Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20ASAHI PRINTING CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Ascopiave S.p.A.Az. / Quarterly figures11.05.20ASIA PILE HOLDINGS CORP / Quarterly results11.05.20Astec Lifesciences Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Atlas Financial Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Atul Auto Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20AUDI AG / Quarterly figures11.05.20Automotive Axles Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly Figures11.05.20AutoNation Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Avaya Holdings Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Avenue Supermarts Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20B. Riley Financial Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20B. Riley Financial Inc Depositary Shs Repr 1-1000th 6,875% Cum Conv Red Perp Pfd Rg Shs Ser -A- / quarterly figures11.05.20Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures11.05.20Banca Intermobiliare di Investimenti e Gestioni SPA BIM / Quarterly figures11.05.20Bancroft Fund Ltd Cum Pfd Shs (A) / General Meeting11.05.20Bank Millennium S.A. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Bank of Nagoya Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Banpu / quarterly figures11.05.20Banpu Public Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20BBX Capital Corporation Registered Shs -A- / Quarterly figures11.05.20BBX Capital Corporation Registered Shs -B- / Quarterly figures11.05.20BENEFIT JAPAN Co LTD. / Quarterly, Inc. / Quarterly figures11.05.20BIKEN TECHNO CORP / Quarterly figures11.05.20BIOPHYTIS / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Bioton S.A. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Black Ridge Acquisition Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20BlackRock TCP Capital Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20bluebird bio Inc / quarterly figures11.05.20Bluegreen Vacations Corporation Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc 7 5-8% Cum Red Pfd (C) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc 7,125% Cum Pfd Registered Shs (D) / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc 8 1-4% Cum Red Pfd Shs (A) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Bluerock Residential Growth REIT Inc Trust Units -A- / quarterly figures11.05.20Bovie Medical Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Boxwood Merger Corp Registered Shs -A- Quarterly Figures11.05.20Brady & Morris Engineering Co Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly Figures11.05.20BreadTalk Group Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20BRF – Brasil Foods SA / Quarterly figures11.05.20BRF – Brasil Foods SA (sponsored ADRs) / Quarterly figures11.05.20BRF SA ADR Cert Deposito Arg Repr 3 Sp ADRs / quarterly figures11.05.20Bridgestone Corp Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Bridgestone Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Brighthouse Financial Inc Depositary Shs Repr 1-1000th 6.6% Non-Cum Red Perp Pfd Reg Sh Series -A- / Quarterly figures11.05.20Brighthouse Financial Inc Registered Shs When Issued / Quarterly Figures11.05.20BROTHER INDUSTRIES LTD Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 10 Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20BROTHER INDUSTRIES LTDShs / quarterly figures11.05.20BSP Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20BSquare Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Burgan Bank / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cable One Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cablevision Holding SA (B) (spons. GDR) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Cablevision Holding SA Registered Shs -B- 1 Vote / Quarterly figures11.05.20Cabot Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Cadiz IncShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Caesars Entertainment Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Callon Petroleum Co (Delaware) Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Camtek LtdShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cardinal Health Inc Cert.Deposito Arg.Repr. 0.3333 Shs / quarterly figures11.05.20Cardinal Health Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cardlytics Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Carl Zeiss Meditec AG / Quarterly figures11.05.20Carl Zeiss Meditec AG Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Quarterly figures11.05.20Castle Biosciences Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners Inc. / Quarterly results11.05.20Ceejay Finance Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures11.05.20Centrica plc / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Ceva Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CEVA Logistics / Quarterly figures11.05.20CH Offshore Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Chaparral Energy Inc (New) Registered Shs -A- Quarterly Figures11.05.20CHARM CARE CORPORATION / Quarterly figures11.05.20Chatham Lodging Trust Shs of Benef Interest / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CHEMIPRO KASEI KAISHA LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20ChemoCentryx Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corp 8.20% Cum Red Pfd Registered Shs (A) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corp 8.25% Cum Conv Red Pfd Registered Shs (B) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Chiba Bank Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Chiba Bank Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 5 Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Choice Hotels International Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20ChromaDex Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Chuokeizai-Sha Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CIMIC Group / Quarterly figures11.05.20Ciner Resources LP Partnership Units / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CK SAN-ETSU Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Clarus Corporation Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cleopatra Hospital Company / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CLIP Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Clipper Realty Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CLP Holdings / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CLP Holdings LtdShs Sponsored American Deposit.Receipt Repr. 1 Sh / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CM Finance Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CNX Coal Resources LP Partnership Units / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Comfort Fincap Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20COMO CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20ConforMIS Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CONSOL Mining Corp Registered Shs When Issued / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CONTEC CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Continental Resources Inc Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Contura Energy Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cooper-Standard Holdings Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Corbion NV / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Corbion NV Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cormedix Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20COSMO BIO CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Credit Analysis And Research Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CROOZ Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Crop Infrastructure Corp Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting11.05.20CROPS CORP / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cryptologic Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CTI Engineering Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20CUI Global Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Cyber ​​Com Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20CymaBay Therapeutics Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20D F M Foods Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly figures11.05.20Daisho Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Daito Chemix Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Daito Koun Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Datadog Inc Registered Shs -A- / Quarterly figures11.05.20Datatrak International Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20DecisionPoint Systems Inc 8% Conv Pfd Shs (D) / Quarterly Figures11.05.20DecisionPoint Systems Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Depomed Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Diamondrock Hospitality CoShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Digi Communications N.V. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20Dignity PLC / quarterly figures11.05.20Dignity PLC Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / quarterly figures11.05.20Diploma PLC / quarterly figures11.05.20Diploma Plc Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 4 Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20DLE Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20DRAFT Inc. Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Dream Incubator Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Durect / quarterly figures11.05.20Dynapack Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20E I D Parry (India) Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20E I D Parry (India) Ltd Unsponsored Global Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Quarterly figures11.05.20Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ebix Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ecopetrol SA / Quarterly figures11.05.20Ecopetrol SA (spons. ADRs) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Edita Food Industries S.A.E. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Edita Food Industries S.A.E. (spons. GDR) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Edita Food Industries S.A.E. (spons. GDR) / Quarterly figures11.05.20e’grand Co., Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20E-Guardian Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ehime Bank Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Eldorado Resorts Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Element Financial Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Element Financial Corp Cum Conv Red Pfd Shs (A) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Element Financial Corp Cum Pfd Shs (C) / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Element Financial Corp Cum Pref Shs (E) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Element Financial Corp Cum Red Pfd Shs (G) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Element Fleet Management Corp Cum Red Pref Registered Shs (I) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Ellipsiz Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ellsworth Growth and Income Fund Ltd 5.25% Cum Red Perp Pfd Registered Shs (A) / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Emami Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20EMED Mining Public Limited / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora Norte SA EDENOR (B) 1 Vote / Quarterly figures11.05.20Empresa Distribuidora y Comercializadora Norte SA EDENORShs -B- American Deposit Receipt Repr 20 Shs / Quarterly figures11.05.20Encore Capital Group Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Energy Transfer Equity LP Partnership Units / Quarterly figures11.05.20Ensign Energy Services IncShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ensign Group Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ensuiko Sugar Refining Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Entergy Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Entrec Corp. / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Essential Properties Realty Trust Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20ESSO (Thailand) Public Co Ltd Foreign Registered / Quarterly Figures11.05.20ESSO (Thailand) Public Co Ltd Non-Voting Depository Receipt / Quarterly figures11.05.20Ethan Allen Interiors Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20European Residential REIT Trust Units / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Eventbrite / quarterly figures11.05.20Everest Reinsurance Group Ltd. / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Exagen Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Experion Holdings Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Exterran Corp When Issued / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Extraction Oil & Gas Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Extreme Networks Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ezaki Glico Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Farmer Mac / quarterly figures11.05.20Fate Therapeutics Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp 5 7-8% Non Cum Pfd Shs (A) / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp Pfd Registered Shs (D) / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corp Pfd Shs (C) / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Federal Agricultural Mortgage CorpShs -A- Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ferro Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20FinecoBank S.P.A / Quarterly figures11.05.20FinecoBank S.p.A Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 2 Shs / Quarterly figures11.05.20First Energy Service Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Firstsource Solutions Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures11.05.20Five Oaks Investment Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Fluent Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Foundation Building Materials Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Fraser & Neave Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1/5 Sh / Quarterly figures11.05.20Fraser & Neave LtdShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Front Yard Residential Corporation / Quarterly Figures11.05.20FueTrek Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20FURUYA METAL CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20G-7 HOLDINGS Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Gabelli Equity Trust Inc 5% Cum Red Perp Pfd Registered Shs (K) / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Gabelli Equity Trust Inc Cum Pfd Shs (H) / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Gabelli Equity Trust Inc Cum Pfd Shs (J) / General Meeting11.05.20Gabelli Global Small and Mid Cap Value Trust Cum Pfd (A) / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust 7% Cum Conv Red Pfd Registered Shs (B) / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust Cumulative Puttable and Callable Pfd Shs (A) / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Gabelli Healthcare & Wellness RX Trust 5 7-8% Cum Pfd Shs (B) / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Gabelli Utility Trust 5 3-8% Cum Pfd Shs (C) / General Meeting11.05.20Gabelli Utility Trust 5 5-8% Cum Pfd Shs (A) / General Meeting11.05.20GAMCO Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income Trust 5% Cum Pfd Shs (B) / Annual General Meeting11.05.20GAMCO Natural Resources, Gold & Income Trust 5.20% Cum Perp Red Pfd Registered Shs (A) / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Garrett Motion Inc Registered Shs When Issued / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Garrison Capital Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Gene Techno Science Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Genpact LtdShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20GEO HOLDINGS CORP / Quarterly figures11.05.20Gestamp Automocion Bearer Shs / quarterly figures11.05.20GFL Environmental Inc Tangible Equity Units Cons of Note 3/15/25 + 1 PC 3/15/23 / quarterly figures11.05.20GL Sciences Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20GMO AD Partners Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Godrej Agrovet Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Godrej Properties Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Gogo Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Goldman Sachs BDC / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Golub Capital BDC Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20GP Strategies Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Gran Tierra Energy IncShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Grandy House Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Granite Point Mortgage Trust Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Granules India Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Green Brick Partners Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Green Dot Corp (A) / Quarterly Figures11.05.20GreenSky Inc Registered Shs -A- / Quarterly figures11.05.20gremz Inc / quarterly figures11.05.20Grid Dynamics Holdings Inc Registered Shs -A- Quarterly Figures11.05.20Grocery Outlet Holding Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20GS Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20GS Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Gunma Bank Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20GW Pharmaceuticals plc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20GW Pharmaceuticals PLC American Deposit Share Repr 12 Shs / Quarterly figures11.05.20HABA LABORATORIES INC / Quarterly figures11.05.20Hai Leck Holdings Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Hallador Energy Co / Quarterly figures11.05.20Halozyme Therapeutics Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20HAMAKYOREX ​​CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20HANDSMAN CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20HARD OFF CORPORATION Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20HAVIX CORP / quarterly figures11.05.20HC2 Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20HC2 Holdings Inc 8 1-8% Cum Conv Perp Pfd Shs Series -A-2- -144A- / Quarterly figures11.05.20Heeton Holdings LtdShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Hemisphere Media Group Inc (A) / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Hengyang Petrochemical Logistics Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Heritage Global Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Hertz Rental Car / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Hifab Group AB (B) / Annual General Meeting11.05.20HINO MOTORS LTD Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 10 Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Hino Motors Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Hinokiya Holdings Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20HIROSHIMA GAS CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Hitachi Ltd ADR Cert. Deposito Arg. Repr. 0.125 ADRs / quarterly figures11.05.20Hitachi Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Hitachi LtdShs American Deposit.Receipts Repr. 10 Ord.Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20Honda Tsushin Kogyo Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20HOPE INC. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Horizon Global Corp When Issued / Quarterly Figures11.05.20HOSHIIRYO-SANKI CO.LTD. / Quarterly figures11.05.20HOSHIZAKI ELECTRIC CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Hospitality Properties Trust Registered Shs of Benef Interest / Quarterly figures11.05.20Howa Machinery Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20HTC Corporation (spons. GDR) / Quarterly results11.05.20Hycroft Mining Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Hyphens Pharma International Limited Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Hypoport AG / Quarterly figures11.05.20HYUNDAI GREENFOOD CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20IBC Advanced Alloys Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20icad Inc / quarterly figures11.05.20ICC Holdings Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20IFIS JAPAN LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20II-VI Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20IMURAYA GROUP CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Indra Sistemas S.A. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Indra Sistemas S.A. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1/2 Sh / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20Infant Bacterial Therapeutics AB (B) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane S.p.A. / Quarterly figures11.05.20INNOTECH CORP / Quarterly figures11.05.20Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20INTAGE HOLDINGS Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Integra Telecommunication & Software Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Inter Parfums Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20International Bancshares CorpShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20International Flavors & Fragrances Inc Cert.Deposito Arg.Repr. 0.5 Shs / quarterly figures11.05.20International Flavors & Fragrances Inc Tangible Equity Units Cons of USD 8.45436 Nom 3.79% Notes 15th / quarterly figures11.05.20International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20International Paper Co. / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Investment AB Kinnevik (B) / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Investors Real Estate Trust 6,625% Cum Conv Red Perp Pfd Registered Shs (C) / Quarterly figures11.05.20Investors Real Estate Trust Registered Shs of Benef Interest / Quarterly figures11.05.20ipet Insurance CO. Ltd. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20IRIDEX CorporationShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Iriso Electronics Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Isamu Paint Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20ISHIHARA SANGYO KAISHA LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Iyo Bank Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Jamco Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20JAPAN ELEVATOR SERVICE HOLDINGS CO. LTD. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20Japan Property Management Center Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Jico Co Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Journey Energy Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20JTEC CORP / Quarterly figures11.05.20Juki Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20kaihan co., ltd / quarterly figures11.05.20Kamada Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Kaman Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Kameda Seika Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20KASAI KOGYO CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20KATITAS CO. LTD. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20KATO SANGYO CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Kawanishi Warehouse Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Kawata Mfg Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20KeePer Technical Laboratory Co., Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Keihin Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Keiyo Gas Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Kel Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Keltech Energies Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures11.05.20KENKO Mayonnaise Co., Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Key Corp Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20KING Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Kitagawa Iron Works Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20KITAGAWA SEIKI CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Kobe Steel Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Komax AG / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Komax AG / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Konoike Transport Co., Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Kosmos Energy Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly figures11.05.20Koufu Group Limited Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Krishna Ventures Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20KROSAKI HARIMA CORP / Quarterly figures11.05.20Kyushu Railway Company / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Kyushu Railway Company Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / Quarterly Figures11.05.20L&T Finance Holdings Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20L&T Finance Holdings Ltd 8.15% Pref.Shs 2015-6.5.20 Cum.Red.Pref.Shs / quarterly figures11.05.20Laboratorios Almirall, SAShs / Quarterly figures11.05.20LAND BUSINESS CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Latour AB Investment Registered Shs -B- / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Laureate Education Inc Registered Shs -A- / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Leaf Group Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20LEG Real Estate / Quarterly Figures11.05.20LEG Immobilien AG From conversion / quarterly figures11.05.20LEG Immobilien AG Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-4 Sh / quarterly figures11.05.20Life Healthcare Group Holdings Limited / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Life Healthcare Group Holdings Limited Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 4 Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20Lipocine Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20LiqTech International Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Livent Corporation Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20LIXIL Group Corporation / Quarterly figures11.05.20LIXIL Group Corporation (ADRs) / Quarterly Figures11.05.20LIXIL VIVA CORP Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Lobtex Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20LRAD Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ludlow Jute & Specialties Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Luna Innovations IncShs / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Lydall / Quarterly Figures11.05.20MAMEZOU HOLDINGS CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Mangalam Cement Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures11.05.20Mangalam Organics Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Mansei Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Marrone Bio Innovations Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20MARUWA UNYU KIKAN CO. LTD. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Maruwn Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Masaru Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Mateon Therapeutics Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Matinas BioPharma Holdings Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Matlin & Partners Acquisition Corporation Registered Shs -A- / quarterly figures11.05.20Matsuya Foods Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Maxar Technologies Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Maximus International Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20MBIA Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20MEC CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20MedCap AB / Annual General Meeting11.05.20MediWound Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Meiko Electronics Co. Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Meiwa Estate Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Menlo Therapeutics Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Mimecast Limited / Quarterly Figures11.05.20MISAWA HOMES CHUGOKU CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Misonix Incorporated / Quarterly Figures11.05.20MISTRAS Group Inc / Quarterly figures11.05.20Mitsubishi Electric Corp Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 2 Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Mitsubishi Electric Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co., Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20MITSUI-SOKO Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20MIZUHO MEDY CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20MKSystem Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Mohawk Group Holdings Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Molecular Medicine S.p.A. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Moriya Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Motorola Solutions Inc Cert.Deposito Arg.Repr. 0.20 Shs / general meeting11.05.20Motorola Solutions Inc. / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Motorola Solutions Inc. / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Musashino Bank Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Mylan N.V. / Quarterly figures11.05.20NAGAOKA INTERNATIONAL CORP / Quarterly figures11.05.20NAGAWA CO Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Nakabohtec Corrosion Protecting Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20NantKwest Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Nanyo Corp Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20National Health Investors IncShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20National Storage Affiliates Trust 6% Cum Conv Perp Red Pfd Registered Shs (A) / Quarterly figures11.05.20National Storage Affiliates Trust Shs of Benef Interest / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Natori Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20NATTY SWANKY Co., Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Natural Resource Partners LP Partnership Units / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Natures Sunshine Products IncShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Navin Fluorine International Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20NCAB Group AB Registered Shs / Annual General Meeting11.05.20NCS Multistage Holdings Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Neos Therapeutics Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20New Age Beverages Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20NGEx Resources Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20NH Foods Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20NH Foods Ltd. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / quarterly figures11.05.20Nichias Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20NIFCO INC / Quarterly Figures11.05.20NIFCO INC Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / quarterly figures11.05.20Nilkamal Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly figures11.05.20Nippon Aqua Co., Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Nippon Carbon Co LtdShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Nippon Dry-Chemical CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20Nippon Gear Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Nippon RAD Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20NIPPON SHINDO CO LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN BUSSAN CORP / Quarterly figures11.05.20Nippon Systemware Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20NIPRO CORP / Quarterly figures11.05.20Nishimatsu Construction Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co LtdShs / Quarterly figures11.05.20Nissin Food Products Co LtdShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Nitchitsu Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Nittetsu Mining Co Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Nohmi Bosai Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Nordex AG / Quarterly figures11.05.20Norsk Hydro ASA / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Northern Oil & Gas Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Novavax Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20NS United Kaiun Kaisha Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Nuverra Environmental Solutions Inc (New) Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Nuvo Research Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Oasis Midstream Partners LP Common Units Representing Limited Partner Interests / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Oasis Petroleum Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20OCI N.V. Reg. Shs / quarterly figures11.05.20Office Depot Inc. / Annual General Meeting11.05.20Office Depot Inc. / Annual General Meeting11.05.20OIE SANGYO CO LTDShs / quarterly figures11.05.20OITA BANK LTD / Quarterly figures11.05.20OKP Holdings Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Grandma Savings Bank Plc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Omeros Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20ON Semiconductor Corp. / Quarterly figures11.05.20OPTEX Co Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Optiva Inc Registered Shs Subord Vtg / Quarterly Figures11.05.20OPTORUN CO. LTD. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20Organogenesis Holdings Inc Registered Shs -A- Quarterly Figures11.05.20Oricon IncShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Ormat Technologies Inc. / Quarterly Figures11.05.20OSAKA GAS CO LTD Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 10 Shs / quarterly figures11.05.20Osaka Gas Co. Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20OSAKA SODA CO.LTD. / Quarterly figures11.05.20OTEC CORP / Quarterly figures11.05.20Otonomy Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20OVS S.p.A. / Quarterly figures11.05.20O’will Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Oyster Point Pharma Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Paraca Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Paratek Pharmaceuticals Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Park City Group IncShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Pasco Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Passage Bio Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Patriot Transportation Holding Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20PCI Hodings INC. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Pendal Group Ltd Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Pennantpark Investment Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Penta-Ocean Construction Co LtdShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Perceptron IncShs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Phoenix Mills Ltd Dematerialized / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Pininfarina SPAAz. / Quarterly figures11.05.20Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Piramal Enterprises Ltd / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Playa Hotels & Resorts N.V. Registered Shs / Quarterly Numbers11.05.20Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Preferred Apartment Communities Inc / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Premium Brands Holdings Corp / Quarterly Figures11.05.20Prima Meat Packers Ltd / Quarterly figures11.05.20Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG / Quarterly figures11.05.20ProSight Global Inc Registered Shs / Quarterly Figures11.05.20PT Excelcomindo Pratama TbkShs / quarterly figures11.05.20PT XL Axiata TBK Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 20 Shs / quarterly figures11.05.20PTT Public Company Limited Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20PTT Public Company Limited Registered Shs Foreign / Quartalszahlen11.05.20PTT Public Company Limited Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 2 Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20PTT Public Company LimitedUnits Non-voting Depository Receipt / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Pulse Biosciences Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Purple Innovation Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20QSC AG / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Quaker Chemical CorpShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20QuickLogic Corp. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Rachana Capital & Securities Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Rajkumar Forge Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Rand Capital CorpShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20RDI REIT PLC Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20RE&S Holdings Limited Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Reata Pharmaceuticals Inc (A) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Redline Communications Group Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Reeds IncShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Regenbogen AG / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Reitir fasteignafelag hf / Quartalszahlen11.05.20RENAISSANCE INC / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Repay Holdings Corporation Registered Shs -A- / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Restoque Comercio e Confeccoes de Roupas S.A. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Retrophin Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Rizzoli Corriere della Sera Mediagroup SPA post raggruppamento / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Rohm Co Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 1-2 Sh / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Rohm Co. Ltd. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Rosenbauer / Hauptversammlung11.05.20ROUND ONE CorpShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Rubius Therapeutics Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Ryoden Trading Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Ryoyu Systems Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sagami Chain Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sanden CorpShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sangamo Therapeutics Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sankyo Frontier Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sankyo Kasei Corp / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sankyu IncShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SANYO DENKI CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sanyo Engineering & Construction Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sarine Technologies Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Saturn Oil&Gas / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Saven Technologies Ltd Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SB Mobile Service Corp. Unsponsored American Depositary Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Scorpio Bulkers Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SCYNEXIS Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SECOM JOSHINETSU CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sensirion Holding AG / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Sensirion Holding AG / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Seria Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SG CORP / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Shalini Holdings Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Shantai Industries Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Shibaura Electronics Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Shimadzu CorpShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SHIN NIPPON BIOMEDICAL LABORATORIES LTDShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Shinko Wire Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Shionogi & Co. Ltd. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Shizuoka Bank Ltd. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Shizuoka Bank Ltd. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 10 Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SHO-BOND Holdings Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SHOEI YAKUHIN CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SHUEI YOBIKO Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SIEL Financial Services Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sientra Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Simon Property Group Inc 8 3-8 % Cum Red Pfd Shs (J) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Simon Property Group Inc. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SK Kaken Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SK-Electronics CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sm Prime Holdings Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SOCIALWIRE CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sockets Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SoftBank Corp. Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Solitaire Machine Tools Ltd Dematerialised / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SOLITON SYSTEMS KK / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sonaecom SGPS S.A. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 5 Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sonaecom SGPS SA / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sonata Software Ltd Dematerialised / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sotoh Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Southern Province Cement Co Bearer Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Speciality Restaurants Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Stella Chemifa Corp. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Stellus Capital Investment Corp / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Strides Arcolab Ltd Dematerialised / Quartalszahlen11.05.20STUDIO ALICE Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sumitomo Densetsu Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Summit Hotel Properties Inc 6.25 % Cum Conv Red Perp Pfd Registered Shs (E) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Summit Hotel Properties Inc Cum Red Pfd Shs (D) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Summit Hotel Properties Inc. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sun Frontier Fudousan Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SUNNY SIDE UP Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sunoco LP Partnership Units / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Surgery Partners Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sutherland Asset Management Corp Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Suzuken Co LtdShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sylogist Ltd. / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Synchronoss Technologies IncShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Synex International Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SYSTEM RESEARCH CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20SYSTEMS DESIGN Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Taisei Lamick Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Takamisawa Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TAKANO Co LtdShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tambla Ltd Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Tamura Corp / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tanger Factory Outlet Centers IncShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Taoka Chemical Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tata Power Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TAZMO CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TECHMATRIX CORP / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TECHNO ASSOCIE Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Techno Quartz Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Techpoint Inc Japanese Deposit Receipt Repr 1 Sh / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TEIKOKU ELECTRIC MFG. CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tele2 AB (B) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20tella Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Ten Allied Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tencent Music Entertainment Group (A) American Depositary Share Repr 2 Shs -A- / Quartalszahlen11.05.20The Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust 5 1-4% Cum Pfd Shs (G) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20The Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust 5 7-8 % Cum Pfd Shs (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20The Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust 5.375 % Cum Red Pfd Registered Shs (H) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20The Gabelli Go Anywhere Trust Cum Pfd Registered Shs (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20The Gabelli Go Anywhere Trust Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20The Gabelli Multimedia Trust Inc Cum Red Perp Pfd Registered Shs (E) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20The Howard Hughes Corp / Quartalszahlen11.05.20The Kiyo Bank Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20The RMR Group Inc (A) When Issued / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tidewater Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tilray / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TIPS Industries Ltd Dematerialised / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tiptree Financial Inc (A) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TMX Group Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Toabo Corp / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tokai Carbon Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tokai Carbon Co Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 4 Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tokai Kisen Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TOKYO DERICA CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TOKYU CONSTRUCTION CO LTDShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tom Group Ltd. / Hauptversammlung11.05.20TOM TAILOR Holding SE / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Top Global Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Toyo CorporationShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Toyo Logistics Co LtdShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TOYO SHUTTER CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TOYOBO CO LTD Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 10 Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Toyobo Co. Ltd. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TPG RE Finance Trust Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Trilogy International Partners Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Trinity Merger Corp Registered Shs -A- / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Trusco Nakayama Corp / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TSUKUI STAFF CORPORATION Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tsumura & CoShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TSURUYA CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tva Group Inc (B) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Uber / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Uber / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Union Financiere de France Banque SA UFF / Quartalszahlen11.05.20United Leasing & Industries Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Uniti Group Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Univar Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Vaalco Energy IncShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20va-Q-tec AG / Quartalszahlen11.05.20VAUDOISE VERSICHERUNGEN AG / Hauptversammlung11.05.20VELTRA Corporation Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Veritone Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Verra Mobility Corporation Registered Shs -A- / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Victory Capital Holdings Inc Registered Shs -A- / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Victrex plc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Vinati Organics Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20VIS Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20ViSCO Technologies Corp Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Vodacom Group Limited / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Vodacom Group Limited (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Voltage Incorporation / Quartalszahlen11.05.20W H Brady & Co Ltd Dematerialised / Quartalszahlen11.05.20WAIDA MFG. CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20WAVE Life Sciences Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Weatherford International Limited / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Weatherford International PLC Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Welcure Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd Dematerialised / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Wey Education PLC / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Whitehorse Financial Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20WillScot Corporation Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Wilmar International Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 10 Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Wilmar International LtdShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Windstream Holdings Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Wockhardt / Quartalszahlen11.05.20World Precision Machinery Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20WORLDINTEC CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Xenia Hotels & Resorts Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20XNET Corp / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Yahagi Construction Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20YAIZU SUISANKAGAKU INDUSTRY CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Yamada Corp / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Yamae Hisano Co Ltd Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Yaoko Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Yokohama Gyorui Co Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Yokota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20YPF SA (D) (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20YPF Sociedad Anonima Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales (D) 1 Vote / Quartalszahlen11.05.20YRC Worldwide Inc. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20YUMESHIN HOLDINGS CO LTD / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Zeria Pharmaceutical CO Ltd / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Zoom Telephonics Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20ZUKEN ELMIC INC / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Zuken Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Neenah Paper IncShs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Menlo Therapeutics Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Magellan Health Services Inc (New)Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Crossland Uranium Mines LtdShs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20IRIDEX CorporationShs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20II-VI Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Ideanomics Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Genpact LtdShs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Exterran Corp When Issued / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Evelo Biosciences Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Entergy Corp. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Eldorado Resorts Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Endologix Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Eventbrite / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Caesars Entertainment Corp. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Continental Resources Inc Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20ConforMIS Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20bluebird bio Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Arlo Technologies Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20AMN Healthcare Services Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Zimmer Biomet / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Guizhou Gas Group Corporation Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Hunan New Wellful Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20VibroPower Corporation Ltd / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Zhejiang Zomax Transmission Co Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung11.05.20AutoNation Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Anta Sports Products Ltd Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 25 Shs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Anta Sports Products LtdShs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Huafa Industrial Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Yeo Hiap Seng Ltd / Hauptversammlung11.05.20RigNet Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Monroe Capital Corp / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Sim Leisure Group Ltd Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20K+S AG / Quartalszahlen11.05.20K+S AG (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tongkun Group Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Black Peony (Group) Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Henkel AG & Co. KGaA (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Henkel AG & Co. KGaA Pfd Shs (spons. ADRs) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Henkel KGaA St. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Henkel KGaA Vz. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20China National Software & Service Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Hualing Xingma Automobile (Group) Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Inspur software Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Jiangshan Oupai Door Industry Co Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Lily Group Co Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Ningbo Menovo Pharmaceutical Co Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Shaanxi Qinling Cement (Group) Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Siem Offshore IncShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Sinolink Securities Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20TOKYO SEIMITSU CO LTDShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Agile Property Holdings Ltd. Unsponsored American Deposit Receipt Repr 50 Shs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Agile Property Holdings LtdShs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Anhui Chaodong Cement Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Beijing Worldia Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Hebei Jinniu Chemical Industry Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Jiajiayue Group Co Ltd Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung11.05.20WPG (Shanghai) Smart Water Public Co., Ltd. Registered Shs -A- / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Choice Hotels International Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Bohai Ferry Co Ltd (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Manhattan Resources LtdShs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Brembo SPA Az nominativa / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Swedol AB (B) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Investment AB Kinnevik (A) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Investment AB Kinnevik (B) / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Norsk Hydro ASA / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Norsk Hydro AsaShs Sponsored American Deposit.Receipt Repr.1 Sh / Hauptversammlung11.05.20High Co / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Elektrobudowa S.A. / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Midwich Group PLC / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Pininfarina SPAAz. / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Arbutus Biopharma Corp / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Armstrong Ventures PLC / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Quilter PLC Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20RadNet IncShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Valiant AG / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Zimmer Biomet / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Coty Inc (A) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Magellan Health Services Inc (New)Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Vuzix Corporation / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Under Armour Inc When Issued / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Under Armour Inc. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Avadel Pharmaceuticals PLC (spons. 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Riley Financial Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Scorpio Bulkers Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Under Armour Inc When Issued / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Xenia Hotels & Resorts Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Cumulus Media Inc Registered Shs -A- / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Extraction Oil & Gas Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Arbutus Biopharma Corp / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Coty Inc (A) / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Absolute Software CorpShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Amcor PLC Chess Depository Interests Repr 1 Sh / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Amcor PLC Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Bloom Energy Corp Registered Shs -A- / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Cumulus Media Inc Registered Shs -A- / Quartalszahlen11.05.20GrowGeneration Corp Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Ideanomics Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20ScanSource Inc. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Tervita Corporation Registered Shs / Hauptversammlung11.05.20AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Acacia Research CorpShs Acacia Technologies / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Cara Therapeutics Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Endologix Inc Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Marker Therapeutics Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Radiant Logistics Inc. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Callon Petroleum Co (Delaware)Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Acceleron Pharma Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Aimmune Therapeutics Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Diodes Inc. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Infinity Pharmaceuticals IncShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Rockwell Medical Inc. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20AgroFresh Solutions Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Aimmune Therapeutics Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20AMAG Pharmaceuticals IncShs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Diodes Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc Registered Shs -A- / Pressekonferenz11.05.20American Shared Hospital ServicesShs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20American Public Education Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Bovie Medical Corp Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Depomed Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Alphatec Holdings Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Avadel Pharmaceuticals PLC (spons. ADRs) / Pressekonferenz11.05.20AMN Healthcare Services Inc. / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust 7.25 % Cum Conv Perp Pfd Registered Shs of BenefInterest (D) / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust Registered Shs of Benef Interest / Quartalszahlen11.05.20TPG Pace Energy Holdings Corp Registered Shs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Avaya Holdings Corp Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Marchex IncShs -B- / Quartalszahlen11.05.20BRF – Brasil Foods SA (spons. ADRs) / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Durect / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Encore Capital Group Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Information Services Group IncShs / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Markel Corp. / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Oppenheimer Holdings Inc / Hauptversammlung11.05.20Essential Properties Realty Trust Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Energy Transfer Equity LP Partnership Units / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Fate Therapeutics Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Fluent Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Golub Capital BDC Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Green Dot Corp (A) / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Gogo Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20GW Pharmaceuticals PLC American Deposit Share Repr 12 Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Halozyme Therapeutics Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20HC2 Holdings Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Hemisphere Media Group Inc (A) / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Hospitality Properties Trust Registered Shs of Benef Interest / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Horizon Global Corp When Issued / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Infinity Pharmaceuticals IncShs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Kosmos Energy Ltd Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Leaf Group Ltd Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20LRAD Corp / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Livent Corporation Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Marriott Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Marrone Bio Innovations Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Misonix Incorporated / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Mylan N.V. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Neos Therapeutics Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Northern Oil & Gas Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Ormat Technologies Inc. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Purple Innovation Inc Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Majesco Entertainment Co Registered Shs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc / Pressekonferenz11.05.20QuickLogic Corp. / Pressekonferenz11.05.20RadNet IncShs / Pressekonferenz11.05.20Front Yard Residential Corporation / Pressekonferenz11.05.20J2 Global Inc / Quartalszahlen11.05.20Nicolet Bankshares Inc / Hauptversammlung



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The grueling life of a woman allergic to water: to take pain medicine before bathing

Although it is hard to believe, suffers every time you need to take a shower. Also, if the surprise...

The grueling life of a woman allergic to water: to take pain medicine before bathing

Although it is hard to believe, suffers every time you need to take a shower. Also, if the surprise...

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