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A piece of video game history is currently on offer on the Heritage Auctions auction site. Specifically: the probably only real prototype of the Nintendo Playstation. The price has risen from $ 31,000 to $ 310,000 in just a few hours. The auction runs until March 6, 2020.

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Seller Terry Diebold bought the device in 2009 for $ 75 with an office resolution from Sony with all kinds of junk. It wasn’t until 2015 that his son noticed what a rarity is in the boxes.

As far as known, there is no serious doubt that this is the only known original. A total of around 200 prototypes are said to have been produced, but the others are considered lost.

The Nintendo Playstation was created in the early 1990s in a cooperation between Nintendo and Sony, who wanted to jointly produce an expanded version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

The device should be able to use games from both cartridges and CD-ROMs and should therefore be a response to the Mega CD – an extension for the Mega Drive developed by Sega.

However, Nintendo then decided to prefer to work with Philips, so the contract with Sony was terminated. The cooperation between Nintendo and Philips ultimately did not come about either. Sony developed its own console and released the Playstation available in Japan from the end of 1994 and in Europe and the USA from September 1995.

A game was never developed for the Nintendo Playstation. The buyer can only listen to music CDs – or put the thing in a display case and look at it. It is likely that the auction will raise several million dollars. However, the device should go to a wealthy private collector, so that with a bit of bad luck there will no longer be public access in the future.

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