Audi e-tron: Australia, price, recall, fire


Audi is the latest brand caught up in a shock electric car issue.

The German brand has its new e-tron electric SUV to address to looming risk of battery fires.

The brand has recalled 1644 cars around the world. Only 544 have so far been delivered, which means some owners had their cars recalled before receiving them.

The e-tron reaches Australia in the second half of 2019, so local customers are not affected.

Audi told Bloomberg news recall addresses to flaw which sees moisture seep into the battery system, elevating the risk of a fire.

Audi said it was "applying an abundance of caution" despite the fact that no such incident has been reported globally.

No vehicles have burst into flames, but five cars have flagged dashboard warnings for potential danger.

There are delays in the repair process but claims that a fix will be implemented in August. This follows several delays in production for the maker's first electric vehicle which has led to deliveries pushed back by several months already.

The news comes following a spate of fires involving various Tesla models around the world. Teslas have caught fire while charging but others have appeared to combust mysterious reasons.

As with Tesla, Audi uses lithium-ion battery cells in its first electric car.

Expected to be priced from $ 150,000 when it reaches our shores, the e-tron takes on Tesla's Model X SUVs as well as Jaguar's I-Pace and the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQC.

The e-tron has several cutting edges.



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