Audi hopes to win the Dakar 2022 with its all-terrain hybrid

Audi’s bet on electric cars is increasingly a reality. The brand already has its first 100% electric proposals on the market, showing that this will soon be the only way the brand will have to develop and present new cars.

With a strong presence in motorsport, Audi wants to bring its electric revolution to this area. The next bet seems to be on off-road cars, with the brand wanting to be the first to win the Dakar Rally in 2022.

Audi's big bet for 2022 seems to be the Dakar Rally, which the brand will attack with the new RS Q E-Tron. This will be the first proposal focused on the brand's all terrain, being not a 100% electric car, but a hybrid, which will make use of a combustion engine, with high performance and efficiency.

This model results from the need to be able to cover large distances at each stage, without wasting time charging your batteries. These receive load from running the engine, which will work at its ideal and most efficient revs (between 4,500 and 6,000 rpm).

The RS Q E-Tron was built from scratch and is not based on any of the brand's cars. It will be a complete bet for the most difficult rally of today, which is also the most demanding for both cars and drivers.

The entire structure of the RS Q E-Tron was designed to get the most out of this platform, not just in terms of mechanics. Its construction uses the most that the brand has in terms of knowledge, hoping that it can later be used for production electric cars.

Audi Dakar RS Q E-Tron elétrico Rally

With the RS Q E-Tron ready, Audi now wants to test and prepare its first all-terrain proposal. Thus, he hopes to have his competition car under evaluation in several rallies that will take place during 2021, heading for next year's Dakar.

Despite not being 100% electric, this hybrid from Audi has an important responsibility. The company wants to compete to win in the biggest rally on the planet, showing that they can be a more environmentally friendly alternative, maintaining the high levels of competition that this event requires.

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