Audi prepares for the Dakar with the RS E-Tron hybrid

Audi has just tested its new hybrid vehicle for the Dakar in the Moroccan desert.

Motor racing has always been a laboratory for designing the racing cars of tomorrow. So when the start of the Dakar will be given next January in the desert of Saudi Arabia, the vehicles present on the starting line will all want to prove that their technology is efficient, reliable, and can, first of all win the race, before in a second, to join the automotive consumer market.

In order to achieve these two objectives, Audi has just brought a prototype of its RS E-Tron to the Moroccan desert to perform a whole battery of tests. This new car, hybrid, was thus put in the conditions “The most extreme possible” affirmed the manufacturer who did not hesitate to let his car cook in full sun under 40 degrees or to take the wind and the dust during a sandstorm.

Thanks to these two weeks of tests which have just passed, the brand with the rings now has a better knowledge of its car and its limits, in order to better prepare for the Dakar. According to Andreas Roos, project manager for Audi ” There is still a lot to do “ from here to the start given on January 2nd.

Technology soon on our roads

One of the favorites at the start, the RS E-Tron could write Audi and Dakar history by winning this year. It would indeed be the first partly electric model to overcome this endurance race. Equipped with two modified Formula-E engines, the RS E-Tron uses an energy conversion system that is likely to be of great interest to automakers. Volkswagen, owner of Audi, has already explained that it expects a lot from the RS E-Tron. The German brand hopes that the innovations put in this prototype at a gold price can then be found in production models, available for sir and madam everyone.

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Audi, for its part, is concentrating on the Dakar for the moment. The competition lasts 12 days and will take place in the Arabian Desert for the third time in its history. The start will be given on January 2, 2022. At the wheel of Audi’s RS E-Tron, three seasoned drivers: Carlos Sainz Senior, 3 times winner, Stéphane Peterhansel, 14 times winner and record holder of the competition, and Mattias Ekström Audi driver several times DTM champion.

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