Audio: Dispatcher outlines Jim Boeheim crash scenes – The Daily Orange


Jim Boeheim fatally struck in Syracuse man – 51-year-old Jorge Jimenez – on Wednesday night while driving along Interstate 690. An emergency dispatcher described in the following audio recording, which The Daily Orange obtained via Broadcastify.

This audio clip has been edited to include radio chatter related to the Boeheim crash. The clip was originally included in the city. That unrelated material has been removed from the link below.

A transcription of the above recording is as follows:

DISPATCH: It's gonna be 17 to rescue, eastbound 90 at the service road, Thompson Road.

DISPATCH: It's gonna be 17 and at the Thompson Road service ramp. A couple involved, maybe somebody laying in the ditch. Two cars involved. It's gonna be eastbound, 690 service road at Thompson Road. Two vehicles involved, possibly somebody lying in the ditch. Getting several calls on this.

DISPATCH: (Inaudible) to 17 to rescue, now possible full stop on the scene.

RESPONDER: (Inaudible) 140 we're coming down, car 1 and car 2 system took a (inaudible).

DISPATCH: On the scene, car 2 in service.

RESPONDER: Engine 17 to the rescue. Confirmed full arrest.

RESPONDER: Rescue to 17, do we have any entrapment or other injuries?

RESPONDER: Unsure at this time, I'm working the full arrest right now.

DISPATCH: Rescue's arrived, 23:32.

RESPONDER: Rescue and fire control. Rescue is assisting with AMR (American Medical Response) on traumatic arrest.

DISPATCH: Copy, rescue's assisting AMR on traumatic arrest.