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107-year-old Cornelia Ras from Goeree-Overflakkee was told on Monday that she has been cured from COVID-19, reports Rijnmond Tuesday. This makes her possibly the oldest corona patient in the world to survive the disease.

The woman, who recently celebrated her 107th birthday, was reportedly hit Rijnmond infected during a church service in her nursing home. Forty people contracted the corona virus during that service. Ten of them died.

Aunt Cor, as she is known to her family, was hospitalized. Due to her advanced age, her chances of recovery seemed minimal.

However, Ras was told on Monday that she had been declared cured. This would make her the oldest cured corona patient in the Netherlands and even the world at the age of 107. To date, no such report has been made about an older person.

RIVM does not keep figures on healing

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) does not keep regular data on cured corona patients in the Netherlands. As a result, there are no official cure figures.

Last week it was reported that a 101-year-old woman from Capelle aan den IJssel had been cured. Later, a 103-year-old man from Steenbergen (Noord-Brabant) was named the oldest cured Dutch corona patient.

It is certain that Ras is the oldest recovered person in Goeree-Overflakkee, because she is the oldest person on the island anyway on the border of the provinces of South Holland and Zeeland.

Can’t say for sure who is the oldest survivor

It is quite possible that the Dutch Breed is also the oldest survivor worldwide. American media spoke to a healed 104-year-old Oregon man last week and claimed he was the oldest survivor at the time.

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Whether Ras is indeed the oldest cured corona patient in the world cannot be said with certainty. People are not tested in the same way and on the same scale everywhere.

Also, it is not mandatory elsewhere in the world to report a cure. Thus, older people may have recovered who have not been tested or whose healing has not been reported.

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