Australia: a man who died in an attack with a knife in Melbourne


One person died and two people were injured after being stabbed in Melbourne on Friday. The police captured a suspect whose vehicle was full of gas cylinders.

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A bomb attack in central Melbourne on Friday (November 9th) caused a fatality and two wounded, Victoria police said today, arresting a suspect near a burning vehicle. Police announced they had found gas tanks in the suspect's SUV vehicle and said they were facing the attack "As a terrorist event", adding that the suspicion came from Somalia and was known to intelligence services.

The police explained that the police had "Initially he responded to a report on a burning car". But once there, the police found that people had been stabbed. The incident occurred in Melbourne CBD at around 4:20 pm local time, while people started leaving work for the weekend. "A man was arrested on the scene and transported under police escort in critical condition", added the police.

Local media broadcast footage of a tall man who turns his arms and tries to stab the police officers near the burning car before being neutralized by the police, who opened fire.

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Rescuers reported treating three people on the spot, including a wounded and neck wound "In a suspected critical state", who died of his wounds soon after. "A second person was admitted to the hospital with a head injury, her condition is not yet known, and a third person was also admitted to the hospital."

The police asked the population not to visit the area, but said they were not looking for other suspects. "We are not looking for anyone else". "The exact circumstances have yet to be determined: the neighborhood has been isolated"added investigators.

On Twitter, a witness published photos of the burning vehicle. "A man seems to have set his car on fire and then attacked the police with a knife"she says. "The police intervention was fast and important, I heard at least one shot."


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