Australia is going crazy for this mom Cadbury Caramilk No Bake Slice


There is no denying that Australia is in the grip of Cadbury Caramilk fever.

But while most fans are happy to sink their teeth into a block of huge popularity, there are all sorts of homemade delicacies that use Caramilk popping up on the Internet.

In the video above: giant 45 kg Easter egg produced at Cadbury World

We have already seen Caramilk Slow Cooker Fudge and Caramilk Donuts – but are you ready for No Bake Caramilk Slice?

It's the creation of Facebook Only a mother who cooks, the recipe has become viral for all the right reasons!

It has been described as "deliciously, decadently good". Credit: JustAMumWhoBakes/Facebook

Made with butter, sweetened condensed milk, dried coconut, biscuits, nuts and – of course! – Cadbury Caramilk, has been described as "delicious, decadently good". Yummmmmmm!

A fan says, "I did it yesterday. It's awfully beautiful and not too sweet." Added another: "The boy is so good!"

This is what we will feel.
This is what we will feel. Credit: JustAMumWhoBakes/Facebook

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A third said: "Defs try this! It looks so delicious."

You will not be disappointed! For the complete recipe, click Here. Good cooking!

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