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Original title: Australian Open qualifying: Zheng Qinwen beat Ben Yuzhen in three sets to enter the Grand Slam main match for the first time

Sohu Sports News On January 14th, Beijing time, the qualifying match for the 2022 Tennis Grand Slam Australian Open continued. In a match in the final round, China’s 19-year-old Zheng Qinwen continued to perform well, 6-3/6 in the three-set battle. -7/6-3 defeated Japan’s 22-year-old rookie Ben Yuzhenwei, Zheng Qinwen broke into the Grand Slam women’s singles main match for the first time in his career.

China’s 19-year-old Zheng Qinwen started his WTA tour last season. He entered the main stage of the tour for the first time in Palermo, and only won 1 victory in 4 tour main stages last season. This season, Zheng Qinwen continued to grow. He performed well in his first show in Melbourne. He won 5 games in a row from the qualifying round and entered the semi-finals before losing to the famous player Halep. In the Australian Open qualifying match, Zheng Qinwen played as the No. 13 seed. He defeated Vanderwig, a former Grand Slam semi-finalist 2-1 in the first round, and defeated Mendes in straight sets in the second round. In the decisive round, Zheng Qinwen’s opponent was Japan’s 22-year-old teenager Hon Yumai. The latter began to compete in the tour this season. This tournament has not lost a single set in the first two rounds of this tournament, and this is the first time the two have met.

In the first set, Zheng Qinwen, who was the first to serve, got into a slightly slower state. He sent 15-40 consecutive break points in the first game. Under pressure, Zheng Qinwen’s state began to improve, and it was difficult to save two break points to maintain a 1-0 lead. Yuzhen Nakamoto’s first serve in the second game was also unsatisfactory. After a 30-0 lead, Zheng Qinwen took the second serve to establish an advantage, and then the forehand and backslash winning points got 40-0 consecutive break points. Ben Yuzhenwei was hitting the ball back and hanging the net to lose the game. Zheng Qinwen even broke the belt and took a 3-0 lead. Since then, Ben Yuzhenwei’s serving state has improved and he has not sent a break point, but there is nothing to do in the face of Zheng Qinwen’s strong serve. The Chinese teenager continued to serve 6-3 to win the first set.

In the second set, the score came up to a 1-1 tie. In the third game, Ben Yuzhen only made a double fault to tie the score at 40-40. Zheng Qinwen failed to seize the opportunity to get the break point. A 2-1 lead was issued. In the fourth game, Zheng Qinwen’s serving state fluctuated. After 0-30 behind, Ben Yuzhenwei returned the serve and hit the net with a short ball and scored 40-0 consecutive break points. After Zheng Qinwen saved three break points, Ben Yuzhenwei returned the ball to press the baseline to score. Once again got the chance to break serve, Zheng Qinwen under pressure from the bottom line forehand shot the ball back out of bounds and lost the game, Ben Yuzhen only broke serve and led 3-1. In the fifth game, Zheng Qinwen once launched a counterattack. After 30-30 tie, he returned the winning point to get the break point. After that, the Chinese teenager missed consecutive offensive opportunities from the bottom line, and Ben Yuzhenwei completed the 4-1 lead.

Zheng Qinwen’s state slowly improved. He held serve after 4 deuces in the sixth game. In the seventh game, Zheng Qinwen got the break point with a backhand and backslash. Under pressure, Ben Yuzhenwei suffered a break with a backhand error. In the eighth game, Zheng Qinwen’s serve was not ideal. After a double fault, he sent a 15-40 break point, and then backhanded the ball and hit the net again. 5-3 came to Ben Yuzhenwei’s serve to win the game. Zheng Qinwen continued to attack the opponent. After getting 40-15 consecutive break points, the forehand mobilized the opponent to score again to complete the break again. Zheng Qinwen withstood the pressure and maintained a 5-5 draw. . After Ben Yuzhen only guaranteed the serve, Zheng Qinwen in the twelfth game had a backhand out of bounds and sent a break point in the twelfth game. It was also an inventory. After that, he saved three break points in a row with a strong serve and maintained a 6-6 tie. In the tie-break, Ben Yuzhenwei regained the initiative, won the tie-break 7-3 and won the second set, and the total score came to a 1-1 tie.

In the deciding set, both players regained their serving state in the opening stage. They each secured Zheng Qinwen’s first-mover advantage and took a 3-2 lead. In the sixth game, Zheng Qinwen began to attack the opponent’s serving game. Break point, save a break point, double fault and send the game directly. Zheng Qinwen saved three break points in a row with a strong serve in the next serving game to secure a 5-2 lead. Ben Yuzhenwei withstood the 40-40 tie and won the unreserved serve, 5-3 came to Zheng Qinwen’s serve to win the game, and successfully secured the serve 6-3 to win the final set victory.

In the end, China’s 19-year-old star Zheng Qinwen continued his recent excellent form, beating Japanese star Shinyu Motoyu 2-1 in three sets and entering the Grand Slam main match for the first time in his career. The whole game took 2 hours and 25 minutes. In the game, Ben Yuzhenwei did not have 3 double faults of ACES balls, while Zheng Qinwen had 8 double faults of 10 ASCES balls. After Zheng Qinwen’s first serve success rate was 54%, his first serve scoring rate reached 54%. 71% ahead of the opponent. Zheng Qinwen was far ahead 35-12 in the winning points, and Zheng Qinwen made 76-36 unforced errors 40 more than his opponents. In the break point, Uemoto Yuzhen only broke 5 break points and 3 times, while Zheng Qinwen broke 4 times with 6 break points.Return to Sohu, see more


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