Health Australian scientists reveal a drug that kills the Corona...

Australian scientists reveal a drug that kills the Corona virus within 48 hours

Australian scientists, from the Australian University of Monash in cooperation with the Royal Hospital in Melbourne, have found a new anti-parasite drug responsible for the proliferation of SARS in human cells, according to a magazine “Antiviral Research” Australian.

The researchers tested the new antidote called “Ivermectin”, by giving it to new patients with the emerging coronavirus who had not been infected for two hours.

According to the Australian Journal report, which was reported by the agency “Sputnik”, that about 48 hours after the vaccination, the effect of the anti-drug supplemented with ivermectin increased, as the virus decreased in the cells by a very large percentage, adding, that this indicates that the use of this drug led to elimination On all cells associated with the virus, and ivermectin had no toxic effect on the people tested.

The researchers hope scientists in Australia, that these tests and results are a new beginning to find an effective drug that can be used to eliminate the Corona virus and rid humanity of the new epidemic as soon as possible..

The World Health Organization has described on March 11 that the Corona virus is a “pandemic”, confirming that the infection numbers are increasing very quickly, expressing its concern about the possibility of increasing the number of infected people significantly, and the number of people infected with the Corona virus has increased today around the world to reach 1.447.471 people , 309,745 people have recovered and managed the virus, while 83,401 people worldwide have died.



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