Australia's premier apologizes for vacation during bushfires


Australia has been suffering from heat, drought and violent bushfires for weeks.
Picture: EPA

Because he was on vacation in Hawaii when a violent bush fire raged in his country, Australia's head of government has been heavily criticized. When visiting firefighters, Scott Morrison now admitted mistakes.

APrime Minister Scott Morrison has admitted mistakes in dealing with the devastating bush fires in his country. “I apologize,” Morrison said on a visit to the New South Wales Fire Department headquarters in Sydney on Sunday. The prime minister had come under pressure because he was on vacation in Hawaii despite the fires. In response to the massive criticism, he canceled his family vacation on Friday and returned to Australia.

Looking back, he was wrong, Morrison said. He learned his lessons from it. At the same time, he campaigned for understanding that he wanted to keep a promise to his children with the vacation. As Prime Minister, he admitted that he had other duties.

Morrison praised the fire brigade's relentless fight against the flames. Most firefighters in Australia are volunteers. On Thursday, two firefighters had died fighting the bush fires that had been raging for weeks.

Since the exceptionally early start of this year's bush fire season in September, at least three million hectares of land have been burned – this corresponds to the area of ​​Belgium. So far, at least ten people have been killed nationwide in a row by fire. More than 800 houses were destroyed.



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