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September 28 – The thing with Haider

Long before Europe became acquainted with right-wing populists like Salvinis and Orbáns, Jörg Haider had already ruled in the Austrian province of Carinthia. That had consequences.

September 27 – Politics expert in interview

Who could rule Austria after the election? And how do the revelations about the former FPÖ chief Strache affect? In an interview, the Austrian political analyst Thomas Hofer answers the most important questions about the election in Austria.

The Austrian top candidates have delivered a slugfest on Thursday evening at an elephant round on the ORF. A night review by Oliver Das Gupta.

September 26 – Election campaign with the savior

Sebastian Kurz is young, approachable and fast – and the entire election campaign of the ÖVP is tailored to him. On the way with a perfect projection surface.

The election on Sunday seems set. The question becomes, who counts to the losers: Who will be punished and which place does the SPÖ occupy after the election?

September 21 – Rendi-Wagner fights for the SPÖ

Pamela Rendi-Wagner went into politics two years ago as a career changer. Now the 48-year-old is fighting as party leader of the SPÖ for the Chancellery in Vienna. A portrait.

September 20 – Who will rule in Austria in the future?

Can Sebastian Kurz win again the most votes for the ÖVP? Or does the Social Democrat Rendi-Wagner even create a sensation on election night? These protagonists are important for the Nationalrat elections in Austria.

September 19 – Hart election campaign

The election campaign in Austria is dirty as never, they say. But the barbarization of politics has been going on for a long time. And at the end is the big voter pollination. A column by Karl-Markus Gauss.

More news about the Nationalrat election 2019 in Austria can be found on our thematic page.


Parliamentary elections

This is Yannick Shetty, who wants to represent the “Generation Ibiza”

In the election in Austria, the 24-year-old is a Neos candidate – and wants, among other things, to fight against corruption.

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