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What’s really nasty about it? I don’t see such an issue. It’s not like they keep games away from you. Bribery? I think it’s very far-fetched of you.

Ultimately, it is Epic who makes an investment in a developer and on the other hand, the developer must temporarily sell his products exclusively through their store. Anyone can refuse that and there is nothing illegal about it. That is a logical and commonly used construction in other markets. Banks request money back in the form of interest, Epic in the form of a temporary exclusivity so that Epic can partially recoup the investment.

Of course Epic cannot make that investment, but then there are plenty of developers who have to get that money with a much smaller budget or with a lot more risk. Making games is not free.

Your response gives me the impression that you look at things very one-sidedly and you just don’t feel like an extra application for your games. That is possible, but calling it a bribe does go a bit far.

I find steam much more difficult, they draw 30% from everything on their platform, so as a developer you only have 70% left and what does Steam do for that? Very little. Epic only takes 12%, leaving 88% for developers. Remember that Epic started out as a relatively small developer and it looks like they haven’t forgotten how difficult it was back then.

Despite the fact that different groups react like a herd of wild wildebeest to the Epic store, they also have for developers many positive ones things done with a personal approach, something you can forget about on Steam.

Unfounded and blind hating of Epic is apparently the new fashion.

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