Langages du Sud and Art’Com Sup unveil the winner of the “Street Art Casablanca” competition! | Consonews

The first prize of the competition « Street Art Casablanca » is awarded to Youssef El Youbi for his work entitled “The colorful house” and the special mention of the jury has been awarded to Elyas de Lopes, youngest contestant. Organized by Langages du Sud in collaboration with the Art’Com Sup school, this competition open to all … Read more

NASA’s Parker probe sets two new distance and speed records during its 10th approach to the Sun

Published: 30 nov 2021 11:00 GMT At that speed, it would take the probe less than an hour to reach the Moon from Earth, a journey that would typically take about three days. NASA’s Parker solar probe reached the closest point to the Sun, called ‘perihelion’ on November 21, as part of its tenth approach … Read more

Nissan is going in a new direction. It shows concepts and a radical plan with electric cars

An ambitious plan to transform into an electric car giant has been unveiled in recent days by Japanese Nissan. The company intends to dedicate its future to electromobility by 2030, by introducing a total of twenty-three electrified models. Of these, 15 will be purely battery-powered. Nissan will strive to sell 50% of its electrified models … Read more

More and more unvaccinated pregnant women end up in IC

Gynecologists in the Netherlands are sounding the alarm because the number of unvaccinated pregnant women who end up in intensive care is rising. This increase is clearly visible in the Rotterdam Erasmus Medical Center, where the number of ICU admissions of pregnant women has doubled since the summer. Gynecologist Hans Duvekot of Erasmus MC has … Read more

Swiss referendum backed Covid-19 law / Article

More than 60% of the referendum voted in favor, and preliminary results show that the lifting of certain restrictions will now be rejected, especially for the Covid-19 certificate. After weeks of public debate and protests, the public has agreed to restrictive measures and wants epidemiological safeguards in place in the country, as well as a … Read more

The mountains of the ancient earth rose with the help of the smallest creatures in the ocean

New research suggests that without the explosion of marine life more than two billion years ago, many of Earth’s mountains might never have formed. When microorganisms in shallow water, such as plankton, die and sink to the bottom, they can add organic carbon to the Earth’s crust, making it weaker and more resilient. A case … Read more

Indonesia Twice Beaten by Lebanon

Jakarta – Indonesia swallows two defeats against Lebanon in the first qualifying window FIBA World Cup 2023. Even so, they are considered to be the maximum. Competing at the Zouk Mikael Arena, Lebanon, on Monday (11/29/3021), the Indonesian basketball team lost again. Had played well by offsetting the points in the first two quarters, Andakara … Read more

Actor Kim Soo-hyun is receiving applause for challenging acting in a new drama

Actor Kim Soo-hyun’s extraordinary performance is attracting attention. News 1 Kim Soo-hyun’s Instagram OSENannounced on the 29th that in the Coupang Play series ‘One Day (Director Myung-Woo Lee)’, which was released on the 27th, Kim Soo-hyun tried to expose the naked body and even tried a high-level bed scene. In Coupang Play’s ‘One Day’, Kim … Read more

Fortnite Chapter 3 will feature seagulls and UI changes, according to a leaker

Fortnite is heading for a Chapter 2 finale, aptly titled”the end‘, and players are already anticipating what the next chapter could hold. A well-known Fortnite leaker may have a few answers for the curious, but with Epic Games predictably keeping its cards close to its chest, the current few details are mediocre at best. Fortnite … Read more