Coronavirus.- Mexico asks the UN to guarantee “effective” access to coronavirus medicines, tests and vaccines

MADRID, Apr 4 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Permanent Mission of Mexico to the United Nations has presented this Friday a draft resolution to the body that proposes the “effective” access to medicines, diagnostic tests, vaccines and medical equipment required to combat the coronavirus pandemic. According to a statement released by the Mexican Foreign Ministry, the … Read more

Corona cases at the Egyptian Cancer Institute … Doctor: Infection control on paper only

Reports of injuries among health workers in Egypt have highlighted the extent of adherence to the rules of social separation and infection control, with an increasing number of new cases of coronavirus in Egypt and the world. The director of the National Cancer Institute in Egypt, Hatem Abu Al-Qasim, announced on Friday that 15 new … Read more

State of Emergency renewed. What changes, from airports to prisons, from circulation to dismissals

On the other hand, according to António Costa, the Government foresees in this diploma “a partial pardon of prison sentences of up to two years, or of the last two years of prison sentences, the measure not being applied to those who have committed particularly heinous crimes, such as homicide, rape, crimes of domestic violence … Read more

A video chat with a black Rangers player is ripped off due to racism. The club made a statement

A video chat with a black Rangers player is ripped off due to racism. The club made a statement April 4, 2020, 04:05 Hockey                                     / NHL The New York Rangers National Hockey League club made a statement about the incident during a video conference with a black rookie club K’Andre Miller. Earlier, the Rangers had … Read more

Photojournalists capture the impact of the coronavirus outbreak in Miami-Dade – El Nuevo Herald

Photojournalists capture the impact of the coronavirus outbreak in Miami-Dade El Nuevo Herald Francis Suárez, mayor of Miami, asked Trump to suspend flights from critical points infobae Giménez asks the White House to ignore Francis Suárez’s call to suspend MIA flights El Nuevo Herald Miami-Dade Mayor asks Trump to ignore Miami Mayor’s letter to suspend … Read more

Free and On Sale Games in Quarantine: Epic Games Store Opens Spring Sale with Up to 80% Discounts to Match Steam | Photos | Video | Video game

The free games They are the new fad of video game companies that show their most altruistic side by trying to entertain millions of fans with their gifts. Epic Games Store joins the cause and now wants to match Steam and Ubisoft by also presenting their spring offers and discounts. The discounts Y offers They’ve … Read more

Thomas Cook Aviation: Airline bankruptcy due to corona pandemic

With the airline Thomas Cook Aviation it has now hit the first German airline – it is filing for bankruptcy. “Focus” reports, citing a video message from the management. According to the magazine, airline boss Ralf S. Nagel said that the company is seeking bankruptcy in the protective shield process. The reason for the bankruptcy … Read more

Phil Spencer explains why Sunset Overdrive 2 never existed

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 04/03/2020 7:10 pm The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, was recently present on a podcast of IGN, where he spoke on a variety of topics, and one of them is Sunset Overdrive, specifically about why it never had a sequel. In accordance with Spencer, it was very difficult to launch … Read more

Hubble discovered an elusive black hole – Search – science and technology news – Search

Hubble Discovered an Elusive Black Hole – Search – Science and Technology News Astronomers have discovered in the Universe a “lost link” in the evolution of the black hole Ukrinform. News of Ukraine and the world Hubble discovered the rarest black hole Rambler / news In a nearby galaxy discovered a subtle space object | … Read more

Abide by preventive measures, the only medicine against COVID-19: Governor

Presidents determine to join the contingency plan of the State Government. Writing Information All the preventive measures applied in the municipalities represent the only medicine that currently exists against COVID-19, said Governor Silvano Aureoles Conejo. “Coordination between the state and the municipalities is extremely important to follow the health recommendations, to prevent the number of … Read more