Automotive industry: Schaeffler wants to reduce 1300 additional jobs


The automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler wants to reduce another 1300 jobs in Germany.

Corresponding information of the "Wirtschaftswoche" confirmed a company spokeswoman on dpa request. The dismantling is part of a package of measures already agreed in March to respond to the transformation process in the automotive industry and to the trade problems with China and the United States.

For the 1300 posts the principle of the double voluntariness should apply, emphasized the spokeswoman. This means that employees and companies have to agree to leave the company and the conditions.

Schaeffler suffers considerably from the economic problems of the automotive and its supplier industry. In principle, there is confidence in Herzogenaurach that the problem phase will be overcome, for example by shifts to less affected parts of the company. In March, the company had already announced a package of measures including short-time work in individual plants and individual closing days.

The Schaeffler Group employs more than 90,000 people worldwide. In 2018, the group realized more than 14 billion euros.


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