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Now the game is really awesome, everything can be simulated! Want to experience the work of a coroner? “Autopsy Simulator” can definitely satisfy your wishes and bring you extra horror surprises. The release date of the game has not yet been announced, and it supports Traditional Chinese.

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“Autopsy Simulator” has been in development for more than a year, and recently officially announced the recruitment of players to participate in the closed test. Players can “join Autopsy Simulator Playtest” on the game Steam page and click “Request access”. When the developer is ready to accept more participants, the player will be notified and the test can begin. Players can experience the first chapter of the game, learn about the protagonist himself, and the first autopsy.





“Autopsy Simulator” is a simulation game with horror elements. In the game, the player can inspect the corpse, and the player can determine the cause of death based on the inspection result. The role of the player is a pathologist named Jack. During the autopsy of the mysterious woman, Jack found the engagement ring of his long-lost wife Kate in her body. While the operation was in progress, other mysterious elements were discovered. In order to reveal the truth, Jack had to fight against evil forces and his own thoughts.

Check the report and look through the files to find out the history of the victim.
Everyone has their own story. So if you want to do an autopsy, you must understand it from the inside (and) outside.


Cases analyzed by experts
Each case is created with the help of pathomorphologists and forensic doctors, so you will feel as if you are participating in a real autopsy process.

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Detailed organ and case map
We focus on the actual presentation, so the organs, their documents, injuries and the presentation of the cases are very detailed and realistic.


This is a combination of simulation game and horror game
This is an unprecedented combination-in addition to the true display of the autopsy, we will also tell a creepy story and an interesting story.


“Autopsy Simulator” Steam page


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