Autostrade Liguria, total closure of the A10 between Genova Ovest and Pra ‘in August (for 18 days) –

Strong inconveniences are expected for those traveling to Liguria in August: the A10 will be closed completely to traffic 24 hours a day from the late evening of 6 August to the early morning of 23 August towards Savona between the junction for the A7 and Pra ‘to allow safety works of the Provencal tunnel. Motorways for Italy and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility they communicated it to the Ligurian mayors. The decision reached on 19 July during the meeting of the technical table for the motorway construction sites and aimed at definitively completing the intervention, judged not to be postponed and not postponed until autumn. The period includes Ferragosto, period of the tragedy of the Morandi bridge (read here the latest news about the investigation) which occurred on August 14, 2018 in which 43 people lost their lives.

A10 closed, worry

The closure worries local institutions, which have asked for a meeting with the ministry. , of the Genoa Airport-Genoa Pr section of the A10 towards Savona for the safety of the tunnels – said the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti – particularly concerning. Genoa and Liguria cannot continue to be hostage to construction sites, with very serious ones repercussions on our economy. It is essential that in the meeting between Autostrade per l’Italia and the Municipality of Genoa, which we strongly asked for despite having no direct competence on the subject of motorway concessions and safety measures, the ministry gives answers, and that they be identified improvement solutions that reduce the strong impact of this construction site on Genoa’s traffic, which risks paralyzing the port and the entire region.

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The construction site on the A10

Unfortunately, this is a construction site that Aspi and the ministry consider cannot be postponed – added the president Toti -. The representatives of the concessionaire explained that, based on what was established by the ministry (of Infrastructures, ed.), Some defects of the tunnels in that section they must be resolved by 26 August: otherwise, the section would still be closed to traffic in the absence of compliance with the minimum safety requirements for traffic.

Infrastructure, more inspection activities

In the meantime, the inspection activities conducted on roads and motorways accelerate and strengthen with the signing of the agreement by the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, and the Director of theNational Agency for the safety of railways and road and motorway infrastructures (Ansfisa), Domenico De Bartolomeo. The agreement regulates the relations between the Ministry and the Agency and allows Ansfisa to implement a plan of inspections on roads, highways and on infrastructure managers so that they operate following the correct maintenance procedures to ensure the safety of citizens and the efficiency of services. . The Agency thus becomes an entity with operational functions not only in the railways branch, but also in the road and motorway branch.

Genova Marittima station closed

In August there is a risk of the blocking of goods to and from the port of Genoa in the Sampierdarena basin. The alarm was raised by Assagenti, the association of Genoese shipping agents just learned that from 9 to 29 August the Genova Marittima railway station, where the container trains for the Sech and Gpt (Spinelli) terminals of Sampierdarena are formed, it will be unusable because it is closed for works. A further block which is added to the closure of the motorway section between the Genova Ovest and Genova Pra ‘toll booths.

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