Autumn arrives with several fronts that will bring rain to various areas of Spain and with the heat of the San Miguel summer.

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He autumnwhich begins this Saturday, will arrive with a succession of Atlantic fronts that they will leave rains in different areas of the country and temperatures will decrease progressively, although they will continue with normal values ​​for the season, as reported by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), which expects the arrival of warmer and drier weather typical of ‘summer’ next week. of Saint Michael’.

The spokesperson for the AEMET, Rubén del Campo, expects that cloudy skies will predominate over the weekend, with a cool atmosphere in the morning and a “more temperate” atmosphere in the afternoon.

In addition, he predicts that next week will begin with a similar time, with hardly any rain, although from Wednesday successive fronts will pass, associated with Atlantic storms that could leave cloudier skies in general and rain in the northwest, although it is not ruled out that this rainfall will extend to other points in the northern and eastern thirds.

Temperatures will continue to rise on Monday and will generally remain at slightly warmer values ​​than normal for the season, as they will be between 1 and 3 degrees Celsius above what is usual for these dates at the end of September.

“We will therefore speak of a stable period known as the San Miguel summer in many areas of our country,” he noted.

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