Autumn flu vaccination ends in Khabarovsk territory


In the Khabarovsk region the preliminary results of the autumn vaccination campaign against influenza were summarized. 618 thousand people were vaccinated from September to November.

The regional health ministry reported that they had fulfilled the 99.9% plan to immunize the population. Vaccination has received almost half of the inhabitants of the region.

First of all, employees of educational institutions, medical organizations, transport, public services, social services, poultry and pig farms have been vaccinated. In addition, vaccinations were received from retirees, pregnant women, students and 162 thousand children.

Also in the Regional Ministry of Health pointed out that now in the region there is a general decrease in the incidence of ARVI. During the last week, more than 5,300 people came to the medical institutions of the region, 21 percent less than the previous one. The excess of indicators is only noticed in the area to them. Polina Osipenko. This situation is under medical supervision.

Press service of the Government of Khabarovsk territory
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