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The hypersonic Avangard complex last Wednesday hit not only the conventional goal, but also "blew up" the Western media. Journalists are trying to understand how serious the threat represents a new Russian weapon.

Recall that on December 26, the Ministry of Defense, on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin, conducted tests on the Avangard missile. The launch was successful, the hypersonic speed rocket hit a conventional target.

For the first time a detailed video was published showing the test of classified weapons. Naturally, Western media responded to the event with numerous publications.

The author of the Washington Examiner Tom Rogan in the article "What Putin's New Hypersonic Weapon Means for America" ​​is very pessimistic.

"The Avant-garde program is really impressive, because this complex is superior to any hypersonic system of the American army," he said.

The journalist is confident that in this way the president of Russia signals America with his determination to finance the military-industrial complex and the army so that the United States feels threatened. Tom Rogan fears that in 2020 Moscow and Beijing will use hypersonic technology to develop even more powerful non-nuclear systems. They can be used to defeat major US facilities, such as large command centers, headquarters and aircraft carriers, he writes.

"The new Defense Minister should get results working with contractors working to counter the new threat," Rogan urges.

In The National Interest magazine an article appeared under the categorical heading "Because America should fear a new avant-garde weapon of Russia:" We have no protection ".

The observer Mark Episkopos at first remembers Vladimir Putin's fundamental message to the Federal Assembly on March 1, when he first warned NATO of the creation of hypersonic weapons.

So, according to the author, many perceived him as a bluff. But subsequent events have confirmed that the weapon is quite realistic and represents a strategic threat, the journalist admits.

"Currently, US military experts are pessimistic about the US's ability to intercept such missiles:" We have no protection against such weapons, "said US Air Force General John E. Heithen, for weapons with potentials. destructive capabilities such as nuclear avangard system, even a relatively high level of interception, such as 50%, will still represent an unacceptable risk, "says the author.

Mark Episcopos believes that Russia's orientation towards hypersonic weapons with the alleged possibility of delivering a first attack, similar to Avangard, reflects a particular kind of strategic thinking. The development and production of several unacceptable nuclear warheads for interception may be cheaper than the creation of conventional strategic weapons. That is, the quality of the missile systems here completely covers the quantity.

The portal of Military Watch Magazine dedicates an article to the event with the captivating title "Like a meteorite, like a ball of fire: Russia has completed the preparations for the deployment of the Avangard complex".

The author believes that not only the current missile defense system, but also those that will be created in the coming decades, will not be able to intercept a hypersonic missile.

"At the moment, there is not a single system able to intercept even the basic hypersonic ammunition that can not be operated at a relatively low speed of five Mach numbers", specifies the journalist.



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