Avatel sweeps away and takes more than half of the latest aid for rural Internet, in which MásMóvil breaks in

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The Government has provisionally resolved the latest call to bring high-speed Internet to the Spanish rural world with Avatel as main contractor and MásMóvil as a big surprise, when five provinces were awarded, according to the document to which EL MUNDO has had access.

Avatel It has emerged as the winner in 32 provinces and will connect almost 180,000 homes, practically half of the total awarded. To do this, it will receive almost 62 million euros of the 134 million euros awarded.

It follows Adamoan operator who has grown hand in hand with these programs and has been assigned eight provinces with 81,300 homes and aid of 34.4 million euros.

After these lies MásMóvilwhat surprises with five provinces and around 10 million euros in aid to connect 33,556 homes. The group has historically entered these programs, but had not recently won.

The result contrasts with Orangehis partner in the fusion, and Vodafonewho have barely sent applications and Telefónicawhich although it was presented in numerous provinces, It has only been awarded in La Rioja, where it will connect 647 real estate units for 181,409 euros. With a province, they have also been awarded Asteo Red Neutra, Iberian Network Operatorwhile Galician Wind Network A Coruña and Pontevedra have been awarded and more than 10 million public euros to connect 29,00 homes. In total, the plan will serve to connect 358,697 homes.

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