Average petrol prices drop below £ 1.20 per liter for the first time since March

The average price of petrol dropped below 120p per liter for the first time in 10 months, according to a new fuel report.

Yesterday, petrol averaged 119.94 pence per liter, which is the lowest in Britain since March 27, 2018.

However, the AA warned that low prices will not last long and have prompted motorists to make the most of the reduced costs of the pump over the weekend.

Lowest price for 10 months: the average price of petrol dropped below £ 1.20 per liter for the first time since March 2018

The car organization, which tracks fuel prices across the UK, said this week the diesel dropped to the lowest average price for eight months, dropping to 128.99 pence per liter.

However, the wholesale costs of gasoline and diesel have already started to rise again and diesel drivers seem destined to suffer much greater damage than those that are filled with lead-free.

Between Christmas and New Year, the wholesale price of gasoline has dropped to 30.3 p / liter, but in recent days has risen to 34.2 p.

Similarly, the diesel heading towards the pavilions in the same period rose from 36.2 p per liter to 41.9 p.

The increase is due to the price of oil rising by over $ 10 a barrel in the post-holiday period.

"In addition, at the beginning of the year, the amount of biofuels calculated on the wholesale price of road fuel has increased, adding about a penny to the costs of gasoline and diesel," he said. ; AA.

Luke Bosdet, AA's fuel price spokesman, said drivers should make the most of the lower cost of petrol and diesel this weekend and cover the fuel tanks of their vehicles in supermarkets.

"The rising price of oil is the Christmas present that many UK fuel retailers have been waiting for, to justify their inflated prices," he said.

However, cities with competitive supermarkets are selling fuel for 6 pence per liter less than the average. This is a savings of £ 3.30 for a tank. "

The AA has urged motorists to refuel in supermarkets this weekend, as prices seem set to rise next week

He added: "This weekend represents an opportunity to beat the ascent.

"The supermarkets will keep their prices for a while longer, so they will be the stops when the oil companies' pavilions start to increase theirs.

"Of course, we can always hope that, having the British drivers overwhelmed in recent weeks, the fuel dealers will stop, but I would not hold my breath."

At the start of the week, Asda kicked off another fuel price war between the four large supermarkets, announcing it would reduce the price of petrol by 2p per liter and 1p for diesel this week.

It was the seventh drop in fuel prices in three months at the supermarket, which was matched by Morrisons, Sainsbury & Tesco and Tesco.


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