Health Avigan, the flu drug that offers promising results for...

Avigan, the flu drug that offers promising results for treating COVID-19

Fujifilm Holdings Corp Pharmaceutical Company has announced that it is seeking approval from Avigan as a COVID-19 treatment in Japan. Is about a commonly used flu medicine and the request comes after being verified in a clinical study that patients with coronavirus they quickly overcame the disease after receiving it.

The company reported that had conducted a phase III trial in Japan with patients whose symptoms were not severe and the test had given promising results. Specifically, the study of 156 patients showed that the symptoms of those who were treated with Avigan they improved after 11.9 days, compared to 14.7 days for placebo patients.

Significant results

Thus, confirmed that the research results were “statistically significant”as it concludes that Avigan allows a shorter recovery time from the disease. Already last September, the japanese newspaper Nikkei, citing health sources, stated that Drug approval may be granted within one month of your request.

Generically known as Favipiravir, It has already been approved in Japan as an emergency drug against the flu. It is currently the subject of at least 16 clinical trials around the world. Although there is concern, because has been shown in animal studies to cause problems during pregnancy that affect the fetus, who is born with defects.

Triple national stocks

For its part, the Government of Japan asked Fujifilm to triple national stocks of the medicine. Thus, the pharmaceutical company said in a statement that are working with their partners to meet that goal, as well as requests from other countries for give them the medicine.


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