AVM Laboratory: SMB3 for Fritzbox


AVM has published a new trial version in Fritz Lab, the beta test program for the FritzOS router operating system. In addition to many minor corrections, the release notes for "FritzOS 7.08-64610 / 64611" include a long-awaited improvement: "Migration of the SMB version to SMBv3 (supported by v2)". In the near future, AVM will stop support for the insecure and slow SMB1 protocol. Other producers were faster and forced the AVM to act.

Microsoft has been active since 2017

Since the end of 2017, Windows users have had to manually enable SMB1 on new installations if they want to communicate with devices that only include the obsolete version 1. In everyday life, this is particularly evident in older printers, scanners and NAS devices, that are no longer supported by the producers. A detailed list can be found in the Microsoft blog. The few current devices with a wider distribution, which up to now have not been included SMB2 or SMB3, belong to the Fritz boxes. SMB is used here for the network storage (NAS) function.

In addition to known safety issues, the SMB1 of the 1980s is also considered slow and inefficient. It was May 2015, the gateway to the WannaCry ransomware attack and was to be activated only in exceptional cases. If you have a Fritzbox 7590 or 7490 and want to test the experimental version of the laboratory, you can download it from the manufacturer.

Another security feature is the shutdown of TLS 1.0 included in the lab version, which has long been considered obsolete. Here too, AVM can take a long time to change: since 2008, IETF has explicitly recommended using at least TLS 1.2. When the lab version with late improvements is ripe for the Fritz operating system! Stable, AVM has not announced yet.




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