Avoid queues at the airport, this Brit fakes disability: ‘Disgusting’

Wolf Jenkins wanted to catch his return flight from Bodrum in Turkey, but there was a huge queue. “We knew we would miss our flight,” he captioned the video he posted on TikTok.

Security Fooled

The student and his friend say they came up with a ruse. They saw people in wheelchairs being pushed past the line, so Jenkins decided to fool security. He took off his sock and shoe and pretended to sprain his ankle. The Brit was immediately given a wheelchair and did not have to stand in line.

He and his friend were also given six more seats to be able to sit comfortably on the plane.

Arriving in Bristol, he put on his shoe again at the exit and casually walked away. The question is whether it was smart to share his trick on social media.


When he posted it on TikTok two weeks ago, the reactions were not too bad, but now British media are telling the story have picked up, the student received a lot of scorn. People who are in wheelchairs themselves, in particular, came under fire. ‘Disgusting. This can be at the expense of people who really need it’, someone summarizes the reactions concisely.

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