Avoid the Risk of Diabetes Complications by Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels

KLIKTIMES.COM | JAKARTA – Guard sugar level Keeping blood, blood pressure, and blood fats under control will greatly help reduce the risk of complications for sufferers diabetes.

“This means that when going for a consultation, patients will know ways to take care of themselves. Starting from information about food menus, superfoods, and vitamins and fiber, to help set a healthier diabetes lifestyle,” said Michael Candiago, CEO and Founder of mGanik, a supplement provider company health.

In addition, by consulting a doctor, we can find out the efforts in handling complications diabetessaid Candiago in a press release, Thursday.

Meanwhile dr. Caesar Lagalinggo Givani, Sp.PD explained that apart from conducting consultations, patients need to take steps to properly prevent and delay Diabetes Complications, such as making healthier food choices.

“Three things need to be considered for the food menu diabetes that is, measuring the amount of calories that enter our body, so it’s a maximum of 1500kcal/day,” he said.

Caesar advised sufferers diabetes to prioritize foods low in cholesterol, high in fiber and low on the Glycemic Index (GI), and as much as possible avoid foods that contain lots of sugar, carbohydrates.

“Make sure you have three meals a day and three low GI snacks, such as vegetables and fruit, to prevent spikes in blood sugar,” he explained.

In addition to managing a healthy diet, patients diabetes necessary to manage diabetes such as maintaining HbA1c according to the target set to reduce the risk of complications, such as not smoking, and increasing physical activity with sports.

Some tips on physical exercise for people with disabilities diabetes What is recommended is that you can start with jogging, gymnastics, cycling indoors and outdoors, and swimming too. The purpose of this physical activity is to help sufferers lower blood glucose levels, and even increase insulin sensitivity, so as to delay the occurrence of complications, explained Caesar.

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