The Avon cosmetic company, a subsidiary of Natura & Co, confirmed that it was the victim of a security incident that affected its systems.

After the data exposure of 250,000 Natura customers was known last month due to an error in the configuration of two of the servers used by the Brazilian cosmetics company, yesterday it was learned that Avon, a subsidiary of Natura & Co Holding SA was the victim of a security incident that affected its operations by disrupting part of its systems.

Through a statement published by Natura & Co, the company confirmed the attack and assured that it is evaluating the scope of the incident and working to mitigate it.

Although more details of what happened were not required, it is peculiar that the names of two victims of the Maze ransomware in Brazil were released these days, whose names were published on the website of this family of ransomware that threatens to publish the information in case the victims do not pay the ransom. This extortion modality has also been implemented by other ransomware families since late last year. It is a municipality belonging to a state in the north of Brazil and a very important electric power company in the South American giant.

Juan Manuel Haran Jun 10, 2020 – 09:39 PM

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