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Rosstandart announced the withdrawal of Lada Kalina, Granta and Priora cars released after April of this year from the Russian market. They found a discrepancy between the steering wheel and the airbag. We have discovered how it could threaten car owners.

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Last week AvtoVAZ responded to unforeseen repairs to 3,300 Lada 4 × 4 SUVs because of the risk of cracking on the steering, and now a new problem with steering wheels has been discovered: 1716 Lada Kalina, Granta and Priora cars of the current model year, a list of their VIN numbers can be downloaded from the Rosstandard website. During the internal inspection of these vehicles, a discrepancy was detected between the steering wheel configuration and the driver's airbag module.

Usually, Rosstandart, which informs the public about revocable campaigns, reports the risks that a particular defect implies for consumers, but in this case such information was for some reason absent, and so we turned to the press service of AVTOVAZ yesterday. Today, finally, he received an answer:

"The probability of the risk of an abnormal airbag triggering is negligible and can only occur when the temperature inside the vehicle is above 80 degrees (unattainable in vehicle conditions in almost all climatic conditions)."

Lada granta

We were also interested in the fault of those who committed a mismatch in the configuration of the steering wheels. AvtoVAZ refused to answer this question, stating the following:

"The problem is not the fault, but the timely recognition of an almost unbelievable situation."

The press service did not disclose the airbag provider, although some Russian media have repeatedly reported that the Japanese company Takata supplies the Lada cars with pillows. The official position of the producer is:

"It would be wrong to speak only of the pillows supplier, our company produces an automobile and is a guarantor of its quality and safety, we decided to conduct a preventive review."

Lada Kalina

In the context of the revocable campaign, the mechanics of the authorized Lada service centers will check for the car owners the product markings, the compatibility of the driver's airbag module and the steering wheel and the condition of the steering wheel frame free of charge for car owners. If necessary, the steering wheel will be replaced.

Recall that Priora AvtoVAZ was removed from production on July 18 of this year, and at the end of August showed the renewed family Granta, which has swallowed Kalina, at the Moscow Show.



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