Axel Bauer: “I wanted to destroy Drucker’s set”

On the occasion of the release of his seventh album (Radio London) next May, Axel Bauer first spoke at the beginning of the week in the columns of Parisian about the cancer he was suffering from (a tumor). “There is an autobiographical character in the song ‘C’s t ma lin (where he evokes “this foreign body”, Editor’s note), but I did not have to undergo any treatment, reassures the 60-year-old singer. What interests me is to tell the moment when your life changes, when you receive such disturbing news which shows you that you are not invincible, which places you in front of a real choice of survival, of resistance there Also.” Before Jim’s father, revealed to The Voice France, don’t add this. “It’s not the first time I’ve seen the truck pass by. But I have long been convinced that you must make death your best ally.

But it’s on Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine’s show this Monday (“It’s the story of a guitar that doesn’t want to break”) that the interpreter of “Cargo” made about him. Axel Bauer having fun commenting on the cult images of his time on the show Champs-Élysées, presented by Michel Drucker in 1984 on TF1 and during which he tried to destroy his guitar live. “I was angry, I was in a black rage”, he explained in C to you on France 5. “It was one of my first TVs. It must be said that Michel Drucker represented the establishment for me, I wanted to destroy his tray but I hadn’t calculated that his tray was made of Plexiglas. So the guitar was bouncing!” Enough to cause hilarity on the set.

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