Ayu Dyah Pasha Invites the Community for Early Detection of Dementia…

GenPI.co – Senior actress Ayu Dyah Pasha invite the public to maintain health and perform early detection Alzheimer’s dementia.

According to Ayu, health must be an important priority that must be maintained, even from a young age.

He conveyed this in the Webinar “Recognizing Alzheimer’s Dementia from Now”, Friday (24/9).

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“The importance of exercising, eating healthy and nutritious foods, and having meaningful activities to stay productive, we all need to have, especially the pre-elderly,” he said.

In addition, Ayu also reminded the public of the importance of always consulting a doctor and not ignoring any signs of dementia.

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“This is an effort to prevent the emergence of a more serious disease,” he said.

Webinar hosted by Alzheimer’s Foundation Indonesia (ALZI) was held as the culmination event in a series of Tenth World Alzheimer’s Month commemorative activities.

During the webinar, William Buntoro, one of the patients with mild stage Alzheimer’s dementia, was also present.

Watch this video:


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