Ayus and Nissa Ask for Connecting Door Rooms on Tour, This Is Said Former Member Sabyan: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Former personnel Sabyan Gambus finally open the voice related to the news of the forbidden love of Ayus and Nissa Sabyan. Tebe even seemed to comment on the issue of room requests with connecting door which had circulated the last few days.

Tebe firmly denied the news. He said, nothing riders aka special requests related to hotels from Sabyan personnel during a gig.

“If the request connecting room that’s in my opinion hoax. Because if it’s a special request, it seems like that riders. There is no riders so, especially when the language deliberately booked a room with connecting door, “He said.

Tebe further said, rooms with connecting door never been a part of riders band Sabyan on tour. Moreover, not all hotels have these facilities.

“No. I don’t agree with this news. If we go to an area with a simple hotel, there is no choice. So we have to accept the facilities provided, “said the former Sabyan Gambus personnel. *

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