Ayuso attacks Sánchez for removing the debt from Catalonia: "It is not coexistence, it is submission"

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Los barons of the PP have once again harshly criticized the pact reached by the PSOE and ERC for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, which, in addition to a amnesty lawincludes a removes 15,000 million euros in Catalonia’s debt with the state. For the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the candidate for re-election is making an agreement with those who want to “dynamite the nation” just to be able to remain in the Moncloa Palace: “That is not coexistence, it is submission and indignity.”

“What we are experiencing these days goes far beyond transfers of powers to autonomous communities, it is not a mere problem of equality, as is being used so much, the treatment of Spaniards depending on where they live,” the leader stressed. popular, who added that these types of measures involve “distributing misery” among Spaniards. “I don’t want to look the other way at what is happening. For me the end does not justify the means, which is what they are telling us,” he added.

From Moncloa, through the Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, the door was opened this Friday for everyone, including “those from the PP”, to take advantage of this measure to guarantee “equal treatment.” However, the central government has already found itself with the first closed door, that of the Ayusowho has assured that accepting “would be part of a plan to dynamit the nation.”

Asked about this possibility, which in the case of Madrid would be a reduction with third parties, since it has no debt with the State, the regional president has expressed doubts about the criterion of the Treasury, of whom he has stated that “he tends to change his criteria.” “I imagine that it is the same Ministry of Finance that one day after the elections said that no debt was going to be forgiven,” she said.

Ayuso He has also warned that “the concessions” to the Catalan independentists “are not going to resolve any type of coexistence” but rather are “a submission”, “an indignity” and “the germ of violence”. However, from Puerta del Sol, no decision has yet been made as the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has done, calling an extraordinary Government Council for the weekend. At least for the moment. Ayuso He has indicated that contact is maintained “often” and “every day” with Genoa and that “others must be the first to speak out.”

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