Ayuso calls for citizens to take to the streets to "raise your voice against the amnesty" in Madrid and Barcelona

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The president of the Madrid’s community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, called this Monday for citizens to take to the streets to “raise their voices against the amnesty” in the demonstrations in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​called by the PP and Catalan Civil Society. This is what the leader expressed popular in it EL MUNDO Forum where he has stressed that “the amnesty is a massive scam against Spaindemocracy, Rule of lawthe Constitution“, the judges, the laws, the truth, the equality of Spaniards before the law and freedom.”

“They themselves have said it a thousand times before, that amnesty does not fit in the Constitution or in any democratic system. But today they do not care what they said yesterday. No matter how much they try to explain it, it is pathetic to see Patxi López, Bolaños or anyone else trying to amend what they defended so many times,” stated the Madrid president, who has once again stressed that Pedro Sánchez must call elections again and explain the amnesty within his electoral program because, as he added, ” It will be one of the greatest frauds in our History” and “an ignominy that could cost us our survival as a Nation.”

That is why Ayuso has defended that, at this moment, “everything that involves demonstrating and raising one’s voice for everyone, whether in the media, in a forum like this, in interviews, on the street, is essential.” “As president of the Community of Madrid I have barely gone to demonstrations, I don’t usually go to any because those of us who represent institutional tasks represent all citizens. When they have happened I have supported them and preferred not to go, but this is something different because it affects all Spaniards and our rule of law,” he assured.

“Getting out of this quagmire concerns us all. And we will achieve it, if we fight together with a lot of work, with desire and conviction. We have seen each other in much darker moments and we have moved forward. There is much more that unites us, and it is too good and beautiful enough to let a daffodil and a rabid minority put it in danger,” he noted.

The regional president has also delved into the fact that “the amnesty has gone from having no place in the Constitution or in democracy to having a price.” “With 1.6% of the votes, Puigdemont has brought Pedro Sánchez to his knees and speaks to him like a servant. Meanwhile, the minister who paid homage to Hugo Chávez [Yolanda Díaz] now she does it with a fugitive,” he noted in reference to the meeting between the vice president and the former president in Belgium.

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