Ayuso endorses Feijóo because "It is the guarantee that Spain will not be scrapped by 4 votes" but criticizes the "bison" approach to the PSOE

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Isabel Díaz Ayuso closes ranks with the PP leader and candidate for the investiture as Prime Minister. “Alberto Núñez Feijóo is the guarantee that Spain will not be scrapped by four votes,” said the president of the Community of Madrid this Thursday, alluding to the number of yeses in the first round and abstentions in the second that the winner of the elections to gain access to La Moncloa.

Despite the public support for her leader in an act in the municipality of Collado Villalba, the regional baroness has also questioned whether she has offered Pedro Sánchez a pact so that the country is not in the hands of ideological extremes just 24 hours after the proposal was produced: “The social base of the PSOE has changed, it is no longer equality. We are not aware of this change and we are appealing in an inexperienced way to a party whose principles have vanished.”

Furthermore, although without expressly citing Junts per Catalunya (JxCat), Ayuso has again marked distances with the independence movement despite the fact that his formation has included the group led by Carles Puigdemont in the round of contacts for the investiture. “Madrid stops the discourse and the business of nationalisms because Madrid is openness, it is alliance, mixture, contrasts, integration, miscegenation and patriotism, the one that knows that neither Spain nor its regions are homelands and that it is the house of all that they claim Western values ​​and the history of Spain”, he remarked.

The regional president pointed out that “national politics is really going through a very difficult time“because for the first time in many decades “there is a front that operates against, not in favor of Spain.” To which he added: “That front does not need to win elections, it is enough for all of Spain to lose. They are breaking coexistence throughout the country, transferring the problem of coexistence in Catalonia to all of Spain so that we cannot understand each other between friends, between families, between brothers”.

“One has to study all possibilities to avoid leaving Spain in the hands of this anti front. For this reason, giving up is not an option and, for this reason, Núñez Feijóo is here,” Ayuso pointed out below, without going into specific detail about the negotiations that the PP is carrying out. “The downhill for which they intend to for Spain to run with a new government that is more of a front than an executive would take us at great speed to a very dangerous terrain characterized by a lack of coexistence, social disincentives, identity struggles and the demolition of the rule of law”, he added .

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