Azkargorta to those selected from Bolivia: “Whoever is not willing to give everything can leave the concentration”

“You have to compete against yourself,” was one of the phrases launched by the former DT of the Bolivian team, Xabier Azkargorta, to the 31 players who are getting ready to represent the country in the South American qualifiers that start in October. The talk was held this Saturday, the day that remembers the 27 years of the Green qualification for the USA 94 World Cup.

Azkargorta spoke with the footballers through Zoom, listened to their concerns and answered the doubts they expressed. In addition, he recommended that they give themselves completely to the work of the national team. “Whoever is not willing to give everything, can leave the concentration at this time”, fired the Spanish.

He reminded them that they must forget about the external and focus on their daily work, especially that they must surpass themselves in each day. “How are we going to pretend to win someone, if we are not capable of winning ourselves?” asked the ‘Bigotón’ to reflect on the athletes, who have been concentrating since August 17.

The former coach asked them to remove the phrase “is that …” from their vocabulary to stop excusing themselves in different situations. “We are all here to accompany each other, to pull in the same direction”, expressed the Spanish.

Azkargorta remarked that self-love comes first to achieve a good job and respect for colleagues. “What reason is there for us not to love each other? Our self-esteem (as Bolivians) is low or I think it is superb. We do not have to despise the comrade ”, he expressed.

Footballers like Carlos Lampe (Always Ready), Ruddy Cardozo (The Strongest) y Leonardo Zabala (Palmeiras) they interacted with Azkargorta.


On September 19, 1993, the Bolivian team qualified for the USA 94 World Cup, in second place, below Brazil. After eight games in the series that were also Uruguay, Ecuador and Venezuela.

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