Aznar, in response to Sánchez’s claim that Justice legitimizes the amnesty: "The TC cannot say what the Constitution does not say"

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José María Aznar believes that in the current political moment one cannot be “silent.” He thinks about it and puts it into practice. For this reason, after calling for civil mobilization a month ago appealing to the “Enough is enough” with which Spanish society demonstrated against the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco at the hands of ETA in 1997, now lights up the alarm again in response to Pedro Sánchez’s claim that Justice legitimizes his amnesty plan for those involved in the illegal independence referendum in Catalonia held two decades after that crime.

“The Constitutional Court (TC) cannot say what the Constitution does not say. And if you do, you are flagrantly breaking your obligations and the Constitution. “Let that be very clear when assessing what may happen,” the former President of the Government warned during his participation this Monday in a colloquium organized by the Neos Foundation. “The Constitution cannot be rewritten. And the TC is guarantor of the Constitution, it is not a constitutional power,” he stressed.

Aznar’s opinion is that “we have reached the limit” and that “we no longer have to make just an appeal to resistance”, that it is not enough to mobilize “the civic energies of the Spanish people” like this Sunday in Barcelona, but it also has to have a response at the institutional level: “That the opposition acts as opposition and that the legal bodies that have to function function.”

It is not the only implicit message that the former leader has sent to the PP, from which he has slipped that he understands that there are “people full of good intentions and desires”, in reference to the Government agreement based on six State pacts that Alberto Núñez Feijóo offered to Sánchez, but that “the PSOE does not want to reach any agreement”, but rather “it wants to do what it is doing and, furthermore, it wants to change the constitutional regime”. “Any position adopted by the center-right that is not based on that reality is an absolutely wrong position,” he stressed in line with the “new” appeal to the socialists to which the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, referred after the offer of the winner of the general elections.

According to Aznar, what is intended with the amnesty that the pro-independence parties demand in exchange for their support for the reissue of the coalition at the head of La Moncloa “is not an act of generosity” or “conciliation” and he considers it “not only political error, but an attack against coexistence”. “If I have carried out a coup d’état and they not only pardon me, they forgive my sentence and, in addition to that, they eliminate it, they erase it, as if I had done nothing, why am I not going to give another one? It is an obvious thing,” he warned.

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