Aznar rules out pressure on Feijóo to call the 24-S event: "There are people who invent loopholes in our relationship and there are none."

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This Thursday, José María Aznar wanted to silence those who have established a cause-effect relationship between his call on Tuesday, the mobilization of civil society against a possible amnesty for those convicted of the illegal 1-O independence referendum and the announcement of his party, not even 24 hours later, of the call for an event with the same objective. “I know very well that there are people who try to look for loopholes in my relationship with Alberto Núñez Feijóo and when they don’t find them, because there aren’t any, they invent them, because inventing is free,” the former president of the Government concluded.

In an interview in Cope, who was in charge of the Moncloa Palace between 1996 and 2004 stressed that “the PP makes its decisions” and that the decision to take to the streets next 24th September with a great event that will take place in the Plaza de España in Madrid had been “taken from a long time ago.” To which he added: “I totally agree, it seems very good to me (…). And wherever the PP asks me to go, for what we are talking about, of course I will be there.”

As in his speech this week at the Faes Campus, in which he took up the motto of “Enough!” with which Spanish society demonstrated in 1997 against the kidnapping and murder of Miguel Ángel Blanco at the hands of ETA, Aznar has insisted that the possibility of judicial benefits now being granted for the crimes of the process It is “serious enough” because there is “a majority of Spaniards” who, like him, want “the Spanish nation to continue.”

“We do not want what has happened in Spain with the Transition and the Constitution, the great Spanish transformation, to be a parenthesis. We do not want a Spain in conflict, a Spain of winners and losers, exclusive, sectarian… We want a Spain that coexists in the Constitution, in which the law is followed and those who disagree are not insulted”, he stressed in reference to the fact that the spokesperson for the acting Government, Isabel Rodríguez, called him a “coup plotter” after urging mobilization against the amnesty.

In this regard, Aznar said this Thursday that it is a statement typical of an “autocracy” and that there are things that are “so crude” and “so foolish” that they make him “even laugh or feel sad”: “How do you say Can you qualify people who, knowing that a word has not been used and that has not been appealed to, use it and continue using it as if it had been done? In no case am I going to waste my time with people of that moral stature and I am not going to contribute in no way, not for a moment, not for a minute, to diverting attention, which is their intention.

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