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The price of the dollar in Mexico closes today Sunday, April 5 2020 at 25.34 pesos. The average exchange rate of the US currency in the market is 23.69 pesos for purchase and 24.64 for sale.

In exchange offices located in the Benito Juárez International Airport from Mexico City, the dollar is sold for a maximum of 19.10 pesos and is purchased for a minimum of 17.60 pesos.

While in the government banks, As the Service tax administration (SAT), the price of the dollar is 24.11 for sale and purchase, and in the Official Journal of the Federation the exchange rate is 24.11 for both buying and selling. Also, in the Bank of Mexico the dollar is 24.73 for purchase and 24.74 for sale.

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Price of the dollar buy and sell at tellers in banks in Mexico

Banamex buy at 23.68 and sell at 24.66

Santander Buy at 23.60 and sell at 25.54

HSBC Mexico Buy at 23.64 and sell at 24.47

Scotiabank Buy at 24.44 and sell at 25.54

BBVA Bancomer Buy at 23.96 and sell at 25.16

Azteca Bank Buy at 22.50 and sell at 24.51

Inbursa buy at 24.20 and sell at 25.20

Banorte Buy at 23.89 and sell at 25.35

The dollar in credit cards in Mexico

American express buy at 24.34 and sell at 25.66

VISA Buy at 24.37 and sell at 25.66

Mastercard Buy at 24.36 and sell at 25.66

Exchange rate from dollars USD to Mexican pesos MXN

1 USD 25.34 Mexican pesos
5 USD 126.68 Mexican pesos
10 USD 253.37 Mexican pesos
50 USD 1266.84 mexican pesos
100 USD 2533.69 mexican pesos
500 USD 12,668 Mexican pesos
1000 USD 25 337 Mexican pesos
5000 USD 126 684 Mexican pesos
10,000 USD 253 369 Mexican pesos
50,000 USD 1,266,845 Mexican pesos

Exchange rate from Mexican pesos MXN to dollars USD

1 Mexican peso $ 0.04
5 mexican pesos 0.20 dollars
10 mexican pesos $ 0.39
50 mexican pesos $ 1.97
100 mexican pesos $ 3.95
500 mexican pesos $ 19.73
1000 mexican pesos $ 39.47
5000 mexican pesos $ 197.34
10,000 Mexican pesos $ 394,680
50,000 mexican pesos $ 1,973.41

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What is the Mexican economy like?

The Mexican economy is the 13th economy in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and the second in Latin America. It is a largely export-oriented economy. Mexico is part of NAFTA along with the United States and Canada, and also a member of the WTO.

How did the dollar close in Mexico yesterday?

The price of the dollar in Mexico closed this Saturday, April 4 2020 at 24.99 pesos. The average exchange rate of the US currency in the market was 23.69 pesos for purchase and 24.64 for sale.

What is a US dollar?

The official currency of the United States is the United States dollar. Its code is ISO 4217 in the USD and, after the gold standard was broken in 1971, this currency was converted to fiat.

Update of the exchange rate of the dollar for today Sunday April 5, 2020 [VIDEO]

Why is the dollar worth more than the peso?

The value of one currency in relation to another is not important. Changing the currency from Mexico to the New Mexican Peso where 100 old pesos is worth a new peso would make that new Mexican peso be priced much higher than the dollar or the euro. The value of the currency against another has no relevance.


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