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Why pay the full rate when you can afford it mobile or internet plan well equipped at a very attractive price thanks to the numerous promotions with the various operators? Find our selection of current promotions.

Sosh (Orange) offers until March 25th his mobile plan € 24.99 per month from the operator for only € 9.99 a month without obligation. The price will then return to € 24.99 after 12 months.


As a reminder, this package includes:

  • Unlimited calls and SMS / MMS in France
  • Mobile Internet with 50 GB of data (reduced throughput) in metropolitan France
  • Send unlimited text messages to Europe / Switzerland / Andorra / DOM
  • From abroad, unlimited calls and SMS / MMS to these areas and to France and enjoy your 50 GB of mobile Internet as if you were in France.
  • Unlimited calls to the United States and Canada and landlines in Europe
  • Universal SIM card (€ 5)

Sosh also offers an offer on its internet package the Sosh box only proposed $ 14.99 a month the first year instead of € 19.99 (in the case of Sosh ADSL box is € 5 discount per month) or € 29.99 (for the Sosh Fiber box or € 15 discount per month) and without l & # 39; commitment. The offer is valid until 19 April 2019 7h.

The Sosh Fiber box offers high-speed access to the fiber over the Orange network up to 300 Mbit / s download and 300 Mbit / s sent with the connection to the offered fiber (a technician will move to your home) and a Livebox 4.

In terms of telephony, you have unlimited calls to landlines in France, DOM and more than 100 international destinations, however if you want unlimited calls to mobile phones in France and overseas overseas you must subscribe to an option for € 5. per additional month.

fiber broadband box-Sosh

Note that Sosh offers to reimburse you up to a € 100 penalty if you are still engaged to another supplier. Finally, for those who do not qualify for fiber, the same offer is available in the classic ADSL always at € 14.99 per month (instead of € 19.99) for 12 months.

Red of SFR
proposes for its part until March 18th a 40 GB package (1 GB initially) without commitment for 10 € / month for life, you understand that the price will remain the same even after 12 months. It offers unlimited calls and SMS / MMS as well as 4 GB of data roaming on a monthly basis, as well as free access to the Youboox ebook service, available until 30 June 2019.

And for those who need even more data, including roaming, you'll also find it in the promotion until March 18th his 60 GB package (Initially 15 GB) proposed for € 15 a month for life with 15 GB of data from abroad.


And on the side of internet offers SFR offers three promotions:

The package ADSL Starter of SFR includes the rental of the box plus the 4K decoder, access to 160 TV channels, the Internet up to 20 Mb / s, unlimited calls to landlines in France, a 10 GB Cloud archive and the Youboox Option of a digital book until June 30, 2019. This package is usually offered at 15 euros per month for 12 months and 35 euros per month thereafter. The offer of the day offers it only 10 euros a month for 12 months with a 12-month commitment. The rate then returns to normal.

The package Starter fiber of SFR includes the rental of the box plus the 4K decoder, access to 160 TV channels, internet up to 200 Mb / s (download) and 50 Mb / s (upload), unlimited calls to landline from France, a 10 GB cloud archive and Youboox One digital book option until June 30, 2019. Usually offered for 21 euros a month for 12 months, then 41 euros a month, the offer of the day offers it only 10 euros a month for 12 months with a 12-month commitment. The rate then returns to normal.

SFR also offers a promotional offer for football fans.

sfr-fiber-RMC-sport-sport bein

Indeed, SFR offers a great promotion on its package of sports channels composed by Sport RMC + beIN Sport, bundle usually offered at 19 euros a month but proposed only 1 euro a month for 12 months for any subscription to a Fiber Starter, Power or Premium box.

Finally, we end with a promotion a Red of SFR on the Internet Fiber or THD RED Box subscription valid up to March 18, 2019 and proposed without commitment and for life at 22 euros a month (As long as you sign up the rate will not change). You will have unlimited Internet access up to 1 Gb / s for downloading and up to 200 Mbit / s for sending with the "Flow Plus" option included (normally charged at € 5 / month). This offer also includes unlimited calls to landlines in France and more than 100 destinations (presentation number, voice mail, …) but also unlimited calls to mobile phones in France (normally charged € 5 / month). Note the absence of a dedicated TV offer but you can, if you wish, opt for an option charged 2 € / month to get access to 35 TV channels through the TV decoder, or 4 € / month for 100 channels.
Finally, we conclude by stating that, if you are not eligible for the Fiber or THD offer, you can take advantage of the same offer through ADSL technology at a reduced rate of € 15 / month.

Free mobile on its part it proposes its special series with a fixed price proposed at € 8.99 per month valid for one year and including unlimited calls and SMS / MMS, 50 GB of monthly data and 4 GB of data when roaming.

As a reminder, this € 8.99 / month price is valid for one year, after which it automatically switches to the classic package for € 19.99 per month (100 GB / 25 GB of data). The special (non-binding) series is for new subscribers. Integrates unlimited calls, SMS and MMS (Metropolitan France and DOM), 50 GB of mobile Internet in 4G in France, and 4 GB per month in 3G from Europe and DOM.


B & You offers two packages in special series e without obligation which are displayed on € 9.99 or € 14.99 per month until March 18, 2019. They offer unlimited calls and SMS / MMS, but also 40 or 50 GB of mobile data respectively, in addition to 4 or 15 GB of roaming per month (Europe and DOM for the first, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for the second) .

B & Y

These special B & You series have the advantage of not changing prices over time and will remain at these prices For the life as long as you remain a member.

And remember not to forget to check the big promotions on Samsung smartphones with Galaxy S10 + € 789 (instead of € 1009), S10 to € 699 (€ 909), S10e to € 579 (€ 759) ,. .. or even the Ninebot ES2 electric scooter for € 364 (France), but also M365 for € 356, Alfawise M1, E-Road, …



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