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Lilian Vargas and Maritza Rivas, both from Rio de Janeiro who live in the November 28 sector, arrived early to the facilities of the memorial hall of the capital of Rio de Janeiro, where the Mayor’s Office of Babahoyo, through a team of health professionals, provided technical training to know how they should examine themselves; also preventive care for breast cancer.

“The attention has been excellent and they have given me a good check-up, these brigades are of great importance because it is an analysis that every woman must carry out in advance and above all, prevent,” said Lilian Vargas, who agreed with her friend the opinion shared.

Municipal Occupational Health Physicians; from the Obstetrics Unit of the Technical University of Babahoyo and medical radiologists, attended to each of those present in this brigade, being the third that takes place every Saturday for this important reason, health.

“The acceptance has been of good result because every day women see the importance of maintaining good health. On this occasion we have received citizens of the citadels: Justino Cornejo, La Ventura, August 10, Paraíso Norte and Nueva Ventura; next Saturday we will be with women from the sectors: Mujeres Allas, Puerta Negra, Nuevo Babahoyo etc. ”, mentioned the mayor Jaccely Bustamante.


Mariana Nagua, Chief of Occupational Health of the Municipality mentioned that the campaign on these brigades has had a good acceptance, because the citizenship shows the professionalism with which the care is carried out.

“In addition to all the staff we also have a specialist in pathology, who is the one who gives the verdict and recommendations; to later make the links with the Society to Fight Cancer (SOLCA) ”.

He also mentioned that if the treatment is mild, anti-inflammatories, creams and antibiotics are given; but if the situation is more complex, the patient is sent to SOLCA, helping her with the steps to follow.

“My daughter-in-law gave me notice of being able to come and receive all this attention, especially to be ready to receive my daughter, therefore I thank Mayor Carlos German and Councilor Jaccely Bustamante for this help and concern for promoting this care,” he said. Clara Mora of the Cdla. October 22.

Community help

During the development of this brigade, Mayor Carlos German, also as a doctor and concerned about the health of the people of Rio de Janeiro, joined these attentions by offering his knowledge to the citizens present.

“This is one of the most important actions of the Municipality, which is the attention to the community in the social, in the health of the women; since they present two causes of death in their bodies, breast or uterine cancer. Therefore we have undertaken a campaign that we always say is of an important nature, the early detection of cancer, “said the mayor.


The principal of the council of Flumina stressed that the follow-up of any patient who shows signs of an anomaly will be carried out through the Social Management department so that they are treated in the special unit, in this case the SOLCA Babahoyo hospital, we make the arrangements so that they can be attended, mammography exams are done and they are referred to SOLCA Guayaquil where there are specialized doctors for these pathologies ”.


The mayor also announced that the brigades will continue in December, and then they will take a break to return in January, “it will be 3 months that they will be part of this and from there we will go to the rural areas; and then move on to the other project that we have, which is Papanicolaou, aimed at women for the detection of cervical cancer ”.

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