Babiš summoned Minister Benešová over statements about Vrbětice

The consensus is that there is currently only one investigative version, ČTK wrote.

“The police are working on the Russian footprint. Behind the explosion are members of the Russian military GRU, specifically unit 29155. There is no other version. The Minister received general information. I was not pleased with her conversation, but rather recorded it to someone other than the Czech Republic, “said Hamáček in Václav Moravec’s Questions.

When asked if the minister should end up in the government, he replied that Prime Minister Andrej Babiš “spoke to her or will speak”. “However, we have five months until the election, I would not overdo it with government changes,” Hamáček added.

ODS Deputy Chairman Zbyněk Stanjura disagreed with this opinion. “It is a game to cause confusion among Czech citizens. Marie Benešová played a Russian card and should be recalled. I do not understand that the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister will like to question the key issue in foreign policy, “he said.

After the Czech intelligence services found out that members of the Russian military service GRU were involved in the explosion of the ammunition depot in Vrbětice, diplomatic relations between the Czech Republic and Russia found themselves at a freezing point. After the end of May, both parties will regulate the number of employees at their embassies to seven diplomats, 25 technical staff and 19 local staff.

“It simply came to our notice then. We know what the Russians did, we know how they did it, they know they did it and we know we know they did it. The only thing they don’t know is what we have for them, “added Hamáček.

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