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Every year when the State Film Awards are announced and the award winners fill the media with stardom, one unknowingly remembers – MS Baburaj, the Prince of Melody.

A man who has never made it to the list of winners even once in the 52-year history of the state award. There are no government awards and no notable honors on Baburaj’s balance sheet; Except for the loving embraces of the savory hearts. Baburaj’s songs are still enjoyed 43 years after his departure; Is celebrated. They continue to be reborn as cover versions; By making even the awards irrelevant.

The 1960s were the golden age of Baburaj music. Competition intensified in the early seventies, when new equations, tastes and trends were formed. Meaningful writings declined. Despite these limitations, Baburaj continued to create beautiful songs. The first state awards were announced in 1969. Baburaj left on October 7, 1978. Here are my favorite songs that Babuka has given me during these nine years. Let them pay their respects with all their heart …. let them present the award.

The crescent moon (spotted deer), Beyond the sea of ​​sunset (twilight), Creation for its beauty grapes (Creation), Indulekha for her (orphan), Laughing occasionally, Manimaran gave (for the shore), I (Ambalaprav) for sorrows, and time will pass Aadanumariyam, a river of tears, eye for an eye (dear), a stream of time in the eastern hills (where is Laura Nee), Vijanathirame (night train), Radha in the Kalindi basin, Deeparadhana Nada opened (Bhadradeepam), Jeeviteshwarikekuvan (Ladies Hostel), filled with heart, Two eyes (whirlpool), the sea, the blue sea (island), the mercy of Allah (Yatheem) …..

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Baburaj has become popular and won many accolades through different “cover” versions of his hits. Could the real composer of those songs have been enjoying these accolades from afar, seeking their own creations, albeit belatedly?

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