“Baby Shark” is the first video with over ten billion views on YouTube – VG

HITS: The song that has probably worn out the ears of countless parents, “Baby Shark”.

“Baby Shark” is the first YouTube video to receive over ten billion views.


Updated yesterday 12:30 p.m.

Already in November 2020, «Baby Shark» the most watched video on YouTube.

But now it is the only video on the platform that has received over ten billion views. It confirms YouTube to CNN.

For those who have managed to avoid hearing “Baby Shark”, it is a song and a dance for children from the South Korean educational company Pinkfong. Korean-American Hope Segoine performs the song that came out in June 2016.

The video has an animated background and two real children showing the dance moves in the song.

According to CNN, the song was a viral hit in Asia, but it did not break through in the US until 2019.

What is your experience with the land plague?

Pinkfong CEO Bin Jeong told CNN in 2019 that they had not expected the song to hit as it did.

– Those who make it, make it on their own, he said then.

SPORT: The American baseball team Washington Nationals has used “Baby Shark” as their cheering song. Here from a match in September 2019.

After that, there has been a TV series on Nickelodeon, a breakfast cereal and a French version with Céline Dion.

“Baby Shark” has also been on the Billboard Top 40 hit list and is said to have inspired the cheers for Jamie Tartt in the TV series “Ted Lasso”.

Pinkfong has also made a corona version of the song, called «Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark».

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