Baby Sussex: BBC dismisses moderator for tweeting


Danny Baker (61) did not think much of this when he shared a picture post on Twitter about the birth of Baby Sussex with his followers: Now he was even fired by the BBC. It was a black and white picture depicting a woman and a man: the woman holds a small chimpanzee by the hand, dressed in a suit. “The Royal Baby is leaving the hospital,” Baker wrote about it. The Twitter post has since been deleted.

“Serious miscalculation”

For the BBC, that was a clearly racist tweet. Little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is the first member of the royal family with African American roots. The BBC called the post a “grave misjudgment”: it “contradicts the values ​​we want to embody as a transmitter”. Danny Baker has already apologized several times for this on his Twitter account.

Sorry for the radio host

“I sincerely apologize for the stupid and ill-considered gag photo, it should be a joke about Royals vs. circus animals in classy clothes,” he wrote in a tweet, “I would have used this stupid photo for any other royal birth or child of Boris Johnson or even one of my own children”, he explained in another post, “Whatever: It's up to you, Archie: Sorry.”

Danny Baker worked as a presenter for BBC Radio 5 Live. There he presented a Saturday morning show weekly. “His indomitable style made him one of the most popular radio hosts of his generation,” the BBC characterizes.


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