Baby Yoda’s doll costs about five million dollars. One of the actors needed to hit her – and he overdid it


Attention! Small spoilers for the finale of the “Mandalorean”.

While the audience is enthusiastic about the baby Yoda, the actors of the series “Mandalorets” have to beat him. It’s about a scene from the finale of the first season of the show. In the story, the attack aircraft that took possession of the baby are trying to calm him down. And since the soldiers of the Empire never shone with mind (or accuracy), they reassure him with blows to the bag in which the baby lies.

The kid had to beat the actor Adam Palli, a friend of the show runner of the series John Favreau. Not only is the cruelty of his character condemned viewers, so Palli himself received a small reprimand from Favreau. The fact is that in the first double the actor overdid it and hit the doll too hard. After that, Favreau, who watched the filming, approached Palli and warned that the baby Yoda’s doll cost about five million dollars. Of course, it is necessary to hit her, but so that she remains intact. The showrunner advised his friend to “keep this in mind.” Pally’s next doubles somehow didn’t seem to be immediately wondered: he was so excited that in the end he missed the baby’s doll three times.

However, this is not the worst thing that happened to the character. Licensed Yoda’s baby toys are still not on sale. Therefore, some make them themselves: they stick and melt in the microwave the figures of old Yoda. Repeating this, of course, is not worth it. The resulting plastic slurry is also not too similar to the baby.



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