Bacchus against cancer. Grapes destroy cancer cells – demonstrated by scientists


The skin of this berry contains a substance that increases the effectiveness of radiation therapy to 97%.

The "magic" resveratrol substance is a natural protective compound that some plants use against pests. Scientists at the oncology center in the United States have tested it on mice infected with cancer and found that it significantly increases the susceptibility of cancer cells to radiation and in healthy mice increases the resistance to development of cancer cells by 45%.

Resveratrol is found in large quantities in grapes, in natural red wine and even in peanuts. Once in the body through food, this chemical compound is able to block up to 97% awakened cancer cells, which, incidentally, are inherent in us from birth. But here it is important to understand that the destruction of mutated DNA is only possible in the first two stages of cancer development.

At the same time, experts have also stated that getting resveratrol through the nose will be more effective for destroying the metastases of a dangerous tumor.

Furthermore, grapes have been shown to be effective in improving blood circulation and reducing cholesterol. Now scientists are studying the effect of this substance on leukemia dementia.

Unfortunately, to date, only plants use the method for pathogenic cell death using resveratrol. But it is hoped that, soon, in modern medicine, this method will be introduced as an alternative. And, perhaps, during the creation of the drug, it will bear the proud name of the ancestor of the vineyards – the god Bacchus.



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