News Bachelorette 2020: Candidates face Corona-Pary punishment?

Bachelorette 2020: Candidates face Corona-Pary punishment?

It’s a black week for 3+: First it became known that rose candidate Jamy (31) had oral sex with another woman while filming, and then several candidates of the current season celebrated a wild corona together with ex-protagonists of other 3+ formats. Party in Zurich that finally degenerated. There was said to be a fight and the police finally had to dissolve the party.

The 150 guests included Marko (21), Jason (23) and Mike (24), three candidates for the current season. While some of their competitors for Chanelle’s Wyrsch’s last rose were said to have been there, the three made no secret of their party night and posted a common picture on Instagram even after the negative headlines.


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